Let Them Eat PipelineDeals Cake: A Customer Love Story

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We recently received these wonderful pictures from our customer Enchanting Travels featuring PipelineDeals-themed cakes served at parties in their India, Africa, Asia, and South America offices. We asked one of the company’s travel consultants Jennifer Marsden to tell us a bit about the company and why they love PipelineDeals so much.

 The Enchanting Travels team in Africa celebrates beginning to use PipelineDeals
The Enchanting Travels team in Africa celebrates beginning to use PipelineDeals

Tell us a little bit more about Enchanting Travel and your industry.

We started in India ten years ago to share the joy of travel. We found through our experience that travel to exotic destinations can be transformative with the support of local knowledge, seamless support, and authentic experiences. In short, we believe that private, tailor-made travel is the only way to travel.

The Enchanting Travels collection includes 29 exotic destinations spanning India, Africa, Asia and South America. Our global team of local experts are a melting pot of cultures representing over 17 nationalities, and we have offices in the USA, UK, Germany, India, Argentina and Kenya.

What are some of the unique challenges and problems that you have with sales?

We use data as the basis for all our decisions. It’s a challenge to analyze everything from the initial inquiry on our website to the experience of guests who travel with us every year.

For years we have been using a cacophony of mediocre tools and stupid spreadsheets that only solved part of the issue. Often, we would have to cobble the data together, which was painfully time-consuming and not truly accurate.

As our business has gained momentum, we’ve been on the lookout for a tool that would be our one-stop-shop for both smart guest relations and analytics. That’s when we found PipelineDeals!

 The Enchanting Travels India team celebrates beginning to use PipelineDeals
The Enchanting Travels India team celebrates beginning to use PipelineDeals

Were there any specific features or functions that convinced you to choose PipelineDeals?

We asked our marketing and technical team to do the groundwork of looking for a CRM because we realized that they would probably benefit from the data the most. We also felt that they would quickly understand the limitations of the software and ask the right questions.

When we started our search, there were other options on the market that were far too small or far too big and expensive for our needs. Sometimes the features were so overwhelming that we didn’t know how we would be able to explain them to the rest of the company, let alone adopt them!

What impressed us initially with PipelineDeals was the aesthetics of the dashboard. We thought how much our sales team would benefit from using something that was user-friendly from the offset, instead of having to battle with “another” new, complex tool that would inevitably have a negative impact on their sales capacity for months.

We liked the ease of use for engaging with the customer data, both from a deep-digging information search but also from an overview perspective. And we were delighted with how easy it was for PipelineDeals to connect with the various APIs that we have across our various call-to-action landing pages.

Working with PipelineDeals was rather breezy too. Despite a major time difference, they were so accommodating to our questions and supportive with demos and highlighting what could be done with the program when we explained our needs now and in the future. We saw the potential and enthusiasm that PipelineDeals had for working and growing together. It is ideal for medium-sized businesses.

Another feature that we simply adore is the custom fields. We can set up all the details so that our database is smart and we can segregate data by destinations, markets—whatever we like really.

We asked our managers for their feedback as to whether PipelineDeals was a tool that they could see their team working with, and luckily we got the thumbs up. The initial setup of PipelineDeals was carefully project-managed, but as soon as it was done, most of our teams were eager to adopt. The good news that we had a system that could do everything that teams had been waiting for spread quickly across our global offices—hence all the celebrations and slices of PipelineDeals cake from Nairobi to Bangalore.

We are still bringing on board a few more teams, but we’ve not had any skepticism so far, which is amazing!

How do you envision PipelineDeals helping your business?

We’ve already seen a huge increase in our efficiency by using PipelineDeals’ analytical capabilities and being able to assign tasks across teams. We’ve only just touched the surface of what it can do. We’re excited about the next phase of integrating our mailing system with PipelineDeals so that we can use dynamic data and be able to clearly identify our target audiences for personalized mailers.

I would absolutely recommend PipelineDeals to other businesses in the travel industry.

Find out for yourself why PipelineDeals takes the cake. Start a 14-Day Free Trial.

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