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EOS Makes an Engineering Team Stronger

We started out skeptical about whether the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) could have an impact on our engineering team. Today we work stronger than ever. One Year: Entrepreneurial Operating System
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Uptime is primetime

At PipelineDeals, we are product engineers. We work on a 12 year old codebase that powers a SaaS product that tens of thousands of our customers spend a large portion
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An Introduction to Protocol Buffers with Ruby

If you build APIs for the web, you’re definitely familiar with JSON. It’s a well known format for exchanging data between servers. It has great serialization/deserialization support across languages. Also,
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The bus that couldn’t slow down

Consider a solitary gold miner. 99% of the time spent in mining for gold is at the face, making incremental progress. A vein followed here, a dead end routed around
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Making 20% time work for your engineering team

At PipelineDeals, we believe in 20% time. We call it Investment Time. Each Friday, engineers are free from the shackles of our backlog to work on creative projects. It feeds an
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Our Path to Services – Synchronous Events

In the previous article in this series, we introduced a billing service to determine which features an account could access. If you remember, the email service was a fire and forget operation and was capable
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Our Path to Services – Synchronous vs Asynchronous

In the previous article in this series, we moved the responsibility of emails to a separate Rails application. In order to leverage this new service, we created a PORO to encapsulate
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Red/Black Deployments at PipelineDeals

Martin Fowler’s post on BlueGreenDeployment gives a name to a deployment practice that is used by many different organizations. Our deployment practice is quite similar to the process that Martin describes, with
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Our Path To Services – Start Small

The PipelineDeals web application recently celebrated its ninth birthday. It’s seen its fair share of developers, all of whom had their own idea of clean code. As a team, we’d been
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