Feature Highlight: Customer Milestones

Customer Milestones Feature in PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals just released new customer management features. Learn about the milestones component, and how it can help develop your post-sale relationships.

The customer milestones feature is a popular new features in PipelineDeals’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform just released a suite of new features.

Customer Milestones Feature in PipelineDeals

Customer management takes the concept of CRM software to the next level. The traditional PipelineDeals CRM assists with converting leads to customers and managing the sales pipeline. With the new features, you’ll be given the ability to manage your customers after the initial sale and into the long term.

Introducing Customer Management—a tool for helping businesses manage their post-sale relationships.

Milestones: what’s new?

  • A seamless customer handoff between your sales and account management teams.
  • Ability to highlight key contacts and your relationship with them.
  • Track overall health of a company.
  • Manage important customer milestones and pin key details.

We’ll be focusing on milestones, and how they play a role in building relationships with clients.

What is a milestone in PipelineDeals?

In a typical sales cycle, there’s a cadence you must follow in converting your lead to a customer. Get to know them, and nurture them into a sale. But it doesn’t stop there. The relationship continues on, even after the deal is won.

In order to keep the customer satisfied enough to stay with your company long term, you need to continue developing a relationship with them. Keep a good eye on them. Luckily, milestones allow you to stay on top of key details in the customer life cycle.

From keeping track of important operational dates, to business reviews and project deadlines, the milestones feature allows you to stay in the know, and keep up on your customer relationships. It works as a calendar of sorts. A tool that tracks and reminds you and your team of strategic dates and events in the customer journey.

Common Milestones

Since the launch of customer management, we’ve been able to gather data on how people are using the milestones feature.

The most popular milestones created thus far are:

  • Customer Anniversary
  • Project Kickoff
  • Deal Closed
  • Contract Renewal
  • Stakeholder Meeting

What does this tell us? Workflows vary by industry, and this is reflected in the data.

For example, an advertising agency may be concerned with keeping track of their customer contracts, as well as important renewal dates. In this instance, they would want to create a “Contract Renewal” milestone.

A general contracting company may be concerned with project delivery, and keeping track of important dates with their customers. In this case, they would want to create milestones for project deliverables, and associate subtasks and collaborators to each.

And in any industry, keeping track of the customer life cycle is key. When was the deal closed? When is their 30-day anniversary? And when’s their renewal or contract expiration date?

Milestones are useful for keeping both your company and customers up to date on important events.

Milestone Benefits

Tracking important events in the customer journey is an integral component of customer development. Not only will it make you more informed, but allow the customer to feel recognized.

Imagine purchasing expensive software, and having the company drop all contact with you once the deal is closed. How can they expect you to stick with the product, if you can’t rely on them for communication?

With milestones, you’ll always stay one step ahead of important operational and service delivery dates with your customers!

Get started using milestones

Are you a current customer of PipelineDeals? Customer management has been added for free, to our top two plans called Develop and Grow. And if you’re on our Start plan, upgrade today, or contact our customer support line at 1-866-702-7303 for more information.

Still have questions? Check out our help center, where you can find content on milestones, as well as how to create them.

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