Five Ways Marketing Services Companies are Using PipelineDeals

The uses for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are endless. Here are five ways the marketing services industry utilizes the tool. 

By Erika Sommer, Content Writer at PipelineDeals

In marketing services, there’s an incredible amount of diversity in the direction companies take when using PipelineDeals’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

While some find value in its ability to organize and manage customer relationships, others benefit from its ability to bring the whole team together through a common platform.

We recently talked to five of our customers in this industry about which PipelineDeals features they find most useful.

Here is what they shared:

1. At SeoTuners, the team customizes the CRM to their entire sales process.

Julian Espinosa, sales and marketing manager at SeoTuners says his team uses PipelineDeals as more than just a tool for managing customer relationships.They rely heavily on the malleable nature of the platform.

When training new users in the CRM, Espinosa sets the system up to mirror what a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet would look like. This allows for the team to easily navigate the platform, for a quick onboarding process.

“I make it look like an Excel spreadsheet because that’s something that everyone can synergize with … Effectively, it feels like they’re working in Excel and I don’t even have to train them.”  

And beyond ramping up the team, SeoTuners customizes the platform to manage the financials of the company.

Espinosa says they don’t just use PipelineDeals to manage their projects, “But to leverage when we bring on a deal or a project, and then manage the financials on how we pay our employees in condition with how we simultaneously do the accounting for each project.”

The customization that comes with PipelineDeals allows them to tailor the product to their business processes.

2. Online marketing company, iLocal Gurus boosts productivity with PipelineDeals.

Chirece Noonan, customer service manager at iLocal Gurus says it’s PipelineDeals’ automated task management and email features that bring their efficiency over the edge.

“For instance, if we are going to start a website, I have a trigger and automation to let my website department know that we are creating [it]. I can create triggers and automations to allow another team to start executing that project without having to call or make other appointments, it’s all automated.”

Being able to automate tasks in the system cuts out the middle man in the line of communication, allowing for more productivity.

And while automations improve correspondences across the team, the PipelineDeals email features help them streamline the touches of communication with their customers.   

Noonan says just being able to talk with a client and know that they opened your email allows for clearer communication across parties.

“PipelineDeals actually helps execute that customer service through being able to respond and track emails, which builds rapport with our customers.”

3. When it comes to PipelineDeals, Gayborhood loves the ease of use of the CRM.

As a digital resource for finding LGBT friendly businesses, places, and events around the country, it’s important that Gayborhood keep their team on track.

National Sales Manager, Kat Dyer-Wall says her team has found the application easy to use, and they love the simplicity of easily changing a deal from one stage to another.

She also raves about the software’s almost nonexistent learning curve. “There’s no reason that somebody shouldn’t have PipelineDeals, because of the simplicity and customization. You guys have figured it out from an ease of use standpoint … I’m not getting lost when I’m looking at my dashboard and I’m not getting lost when I go into the custom reports.”

4. Advantage Smollan uses PipelineDeals as a repository for managing their contacts.

Advantage Smollan provides sales and marketing solutions to consumer goods companies and retailers. Dan Thorne, new business manager at Advantage Smollan says his company loves PipelineDeals’ ability to help manage their contacts.   

He says they find the companies, deals, and people tabs to be the most useful component of the application.

Thorne says they are constantly in contact with various individuals and companies. And every time they leave or don’t respond, it’s usually because they go to a competitor.

With PipelineDeals, Advantage Smollan stores contact information in the system, in order to gain insight into who they are, their company, their industry, what positions they hold, etc.

It’s easy for Advantage Smollan to go into the app and learn more about their clients and contacts, just through the information recorded in the system. It helps them learn more about their customer base and hone in on their target market.

5. Action Global Communications employs PipelineDeals to help track the health of their company.

Action Global Communications is a communications network spanning three continents. Chris Christodoulou, CEO at the company says they focus on gathering intel on new business processes as well as identifying where their efforts across their network are going wrong in the sales cycle.

He said when switching to a CRM like PipelineDeals, “It became evident that leads (deals) were not progressing, and in many cases, it became easy to spot problems in our progress.”

Christodoulou says, “With a cloud based software [like PipelineDeals], you can run but you can’t hide!” The transparency of the app allows them to easily audit company performance.  

To Conclude

The different ways marketing services companies operate can be like night and day. And this became apparent after talking to just five players in the industry.

Each company has very different methods for getting the most out of PipelineDeals. And because of the diversity in the creative sector, the uses for a CRM are endless.  

So, if you reside in this industry and are interested in learning how your company can develop and grow with a CRM, sign up for a free 14-day trial today. Get your hands dirty in the CRM and learn how you too, can be successful.

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