Gayborhood Improves Productivity with PipelineDeals

When it comes to simplifying their sales process in order to boost sales, Gayborhood relies on PipelineDeals for assistance. 

Gayborhood is a media agency, focused on connecting the LGBT community to LGBT welcoming businesses across the country. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Gayborhood benefits from the ease of use that comes with PipelineDeals.  

We spoke to National Sales Manager, Kat Dyer-Wall about how they use PipelineDeals, and how it’s improved efficiency. 

What is Gayborhood?

Gayborhood is the nation’s largest resource for finding LGBT friendly businesses, places, and events around the United States. With over 45 markets, this 26-year-old company is the number one LGBT travel application in the country.

Gayborhood serves as both a personal resource and advertising platform for the community. And when looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, this multi-faceted, digital marketing agency wanted a simple platform that could be utilized across their team.

What brought on the switch to PipelineDeals?

Gayborhood is no novice when it comes to CRM’s. They’ve tried a few different platforms in the past. But after getting hung up on their complexities, they came across PipelineDeals.

 Kat Dyer-Wall is the National Sales Manager at Gayborhood. Kat Dyer-Wall is the National Sales Manager at Gayborhood.

When it came to the other applications, National Sales Manager, Kat Dyer-Wall says they were very robust and weren’t seamless in getting information from their call center over to the sales team.

They wanted something that was simple, because that’s how their sales process works.

“Our product is typically a one-to-two call close product, so there’s not a lot of need for entering 100 different people for one company or entering 100 different notes and channels. Either we sold it or we didn’t sell it.”

So, when they found PipelineDeals, it was a no-brainer that they needed to adopt it. It fit flawlessly into their business process.

How does Gayborhood use PipelineDeals?

Gayborhood has a unique business model. Unlike a typical sales team, their sales representatives don’t set their own appointments.

Gayborhood has an entire call center based in Atlanta, Georgia that prequalifies and presets all of the appointments. From there, they notify their sales teams across the country, who then go in and close the deals.

So, when it comes to PipelineDeals, Dyer-Wall says one of the most beneficial components of the platform is being able to see their entire sales process from the home tab.

It gives them a visual account of their pipeline, how well deals are progressing, as well as the agenda for the day. She says it helps keep the team on track in terms of what needs to be done each day, in order to further deals along, on their trajectory.

“It’s been a total benefit because each morning our sales representatives are able to pull up all of their appointments.” Dyer-Wall said. “They can reach out to all their callbacks, and easily notate where the next step in the process is.”

In addition to Gayborhood using features of the home tab to simplify their sales process and keep their team on track, they also find value in PipelineDeals’ abundance of email features.

With integration tools that allow the team to send out emails via MailChimp, they can notify their clients and prospects on all the latest deal status updates.

Dyer-Wall says this has been a major lifesaver, by keeping their contacts in-the-know on activities taking place. The transparency has brought them a lot of new business, and has helped to maintain their current client base.

And in addition to the integrations, Gayborhood also uses features of the CRM to schedule out and manage the delivery of emails to clients and prospects.

Dyer-Wall says every quarter they use PipelineDeals to send out an email check-in saying, “Hey clients, it’s your advertising rep, I just wanted to see how everything is going.”

She says this way, if there are any issues, the representative will know instead of waiting until the end of the year when it’s time to renew the client.

PipelineDeals allows Gayborhood to use task management and email communication features to help streamline the sales process.

Any tips for first time users?

Dyer-Wall says she’s worked with many different sales organizations, and for her, PipelineDeals has made the most sense for a company with a shorter close cycle.

“For a company with anywhere between a one-to-five call close product, there’s no reason somebody shouldn’t have PipelineDeals, mainly because of its simplicity and customization. PipelineDeals has it figured out from an ease of use standpoint.”

The foolproof nature of the platform is what drew Gayborhood to PipelineDeals.

She says she doesn’t get lost when looking at her dashboard or custom reports. “All these other CRM systems try to outdo themselves with these unnecessary features and it just becomes too complicated.”

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