PipelineDeals Google Apps Integration Syncs Global Team

Whether working from the office or at home, alone or collaborating in teams, Google’s suite of apps is almost always at the core of the work we do.

 Google Premier Partner 

We believe in eating our own dog food at PipelineDeals. No, we don’t eat puppy chow – we’re  proud users of PipelineDeals and our entire team uses the app to drive our business. In addition to using PipelineDeals on a daily basis, we’re also avid users of Google Apps. The Google Apps suite has been an integral part of how we get things done since our founding. Whether working from the office or at home, alone or collaborating in teams, Google’s suite of apps is almost always at the core of the work we do.

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We developed our integrations for Google Apps because we knew our team and our customers needed to strongly link together their most used applications. Across our team, the most important parts of our integration are the Google contact sync, calendar sync, the Connect inbox and Google Sheets. Together these tools give our team members the ability to quickly access the same information and stay in sync as a team.

Distributed Teams Need Great Cloud-Based Tools

 The PipelineDeals team

Like many technology companies, the PipelineDeals team pulls talent from around the world, going wherever we need to go to find skilled people who are a good fit for our culture.  At the time of this writing, we have employees in five states and three countries, and our team members work from offices, from home and in the field visiting clients. We consider this diversity to be a strength for us, but the logistics of making sure everyone has access to the tools and teams they need can be a challenge. Staying connected with PipelineDeals and Google Apps is essential to our work.

Google Apps and PipelineDeals Keep Us In Sync

Our sales team focuses heavily on keeping their schedule full of client-facing appointments. To keep their schedules straight, they rely on the Google Calendar sync with PipelineDeals. That way they’re looking at the same information when they’re strategizing on accounts and scheduling other activities around selling. The integration also allows our customer care and marketing teams to schedule appointments for our account executives so that we can respond quickly to client needs. 

The bi-directional sync with Google Contacts is equally important to our account executives. The sync streamlines access to client information as they send emails and plan their schedules. More recently, with our release of the Connect inbox, our sales team can integrate their Google email accounts into PipelineDeals native email function so that they can email customers directly from the app. Account executives can also see how their email is linked to their ongoing tasks and most valuable deals.

Google Sheets and PipelineDeals Data = Reporting Love

The easy to use integration between PipelineDeals and Google’s suite of apps makes Google Sheets a hard-to-beat program for our team to construct reports and dashboards to analyze financials and sales metrics. Any of us, from Washington to Poland, can access live data from PipelineDeals with the latest notes and updates, and then export that information into Google Sheets. Because the Google Sheets integration can export the most up-to-date information on demand, our team has created dashboards on our most important key performance indicators (KPI) in Google Sheets and update the dashboards with one-click. For important meetings, we’ll extract that data and embed in Google Slides to construct dynamic presentations.

In January 2015, Google awarded us the Premier Partner designation for our robust integration with Chrome, Gmail and the Google Apps suite. Many of our customers have benefited from these integrations, and we pride ourselves on being right there alongside them, figuring out how to best use the tools at our disposal. We’ve eaten our dog food and can confidently say that the PipelineDeals Google Apps integration helps collaborative teams be productive powerhouses.   

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