Summit Services Grows their Business with PipelineDeals

Summit Services Inc. is a Philadelphia based firm that provides professional business services, including consulting and business coaching, call center services, and recruiting support. We spoke with Andrew Amrhein, Senior Business Coach, about how Summit uses PipelineDeals and Gmail & Google Calendar to stay on top of their deals.

Tell us more about Summit Services.

At Summit Services, we help business owners grow their business. We provide a blend of coaching and consulting that is more comprehensive than typical consulting. Our team of business coaches work with our clients to develop goals, and then work with our clients to ensure that their business grows.

 Summit Services uses PipelineDeals as their CRM

In addition to providing business coaching, we also provide remote front office call center support for businesses. Our call center provides support for small businesses around the country looking to grow their sales.

Why did you choose PipelineDeals?

We used to use ACT! CRM to manage our leads and clients, and to track our deals pipeline. With ACT! we had to save email correspondence manually by copying & pasting messages into the app, and we couldn’t easily add leads to our CRM. We rarely saved emails and it was difficult to know whether we had the most up-to-date correspondence with our contacts.

PipelineDeals integration with Gmail and Google Calendar was a major factor in our decision to go with PipelineDeals. We started using Gmail and Google Calendar because of the simplicity and ease of use, and we liked that PipelineDeals works seamlessly with Google. We can add emails into PipelineDeals directly from Google, and sync our calendars and contacts with the integration. Getting started with Google Apps and PipelineDeals was incredibly simple.

How does using PipelineDeals and Google Apps help your business?

We use PipelineDeals in several different ways within our business. First, we track correspondence from Gmail directly into PipelineDeals. We have monthly meetings with our clients, and it’s helpful to have a history of all our correspondence in one place. We track all of our emails from Google Apps, and track meeting and call notes.

In addition to capturing correspondence from Gmail into PipelineDeals, we use the integration to create new leads for our sales team. We can add new leads to our CRM directly from Google using the integration. We want to be able to view the full history of our communication with our customers and PipelineDeals lets us do that.

Our call center service also uses Google Apps and PipelineDeals. In fact, we require all new businesses using our call center service to use PipelineDeals and Google Apps. The simplicity of Gmail and Google Calendar and PipelineDeals ensures our call center can provide the best level of service to our customers. We use the calendar integration to understand our client’s schedule, and schedule sales appointments for them directly in the app.

Who would you recommend use Google Apps and PipelineDeals?

I think that PipelineDeals works extremely well for businesses in the construction industry. Construction businesses need an easy way to manage their sales pipeline, schedule appointments, and correspond with clients. PipelineDeals integration with Google Apps makes that really easy to do.

I’ve worked with lots of companies that think they want all the bells and whistles offered by SalesForce, and end up not using the CRM because it’s overly complex. The user interface for PipelineDeals is easy to learn, it helps you sell better, and the customer support is awesome!

We’ve been very pleased with how well PipelineDeals has worked with our Gmail and Google Calendar account, and we recommend the integration to a wide-variety of businesses.

Interested in seeing how PipelineDeals and Google Apps can help you grow your business? Try PipelineDeals free for 14 days.

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