PipelineDeals Becomes Google For Work Technology Partner

By David Baars, Marketing Manager @PipelineDeals. Follow Him @davidabaars

PipelineDeals is happy to announce that we’ve become a Google for Work Technology Partner. The Google Apps Partner Program was announced back in the Spring 2014 for software companies that build complimentary business apps and tools to Google Apps.

 PipelineDeals is a Google for Work Premier Partner

PipelineDeals has featured an integration with Google Apps for Business for several years. The integration is a two-way sync between your contacts and calendar in PipelineDeals and Google Apps. We recently updated this integration as a part of becoming a Google for Work Technology Partner.

Moving forward, the partner program will provide us with a number of technical, go-to-market, and support benefits. We are planning on developing a deeper integration for Google Apps customers to support syncing with Google Drive and other functionality.

Find out how PipelineDeals and Google Apps can help you stay organized and win more deals. The stories below highlight how using Google Apps and PipelineDeals can help you grow and organize your business around great software partners.

We’ll be highlighting more successful companies that use PipelineDeals and Google Apps soon. For additional information about PipelineDeals, our integration for Google Apps, or the partner program, please contact us at 866-702-7303 or email us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com.

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