Growth Hacking 2014 – Grow Your Business In 2014

PipelineDeals posts about the topic of growth hacking strategies that are now being implemented by startups.

Growth hacking is one of the hottest topics in marketing – but what is growth hacking exactly? Simply put, growth hacking is a series of alternative marketing techniques pioneered by technology startups that focuses on low-cost, high-exposure marketing strategies.

The term growth hacking was first-described by Sean Ellis to describe efforts by savvy, but cash-starved, startups to grow their business in innovative ways. Common growth hacking strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and content marketing.

Growth hacking strategies are now being implemented by startups and mature businesses alike. Given the strong interest we’ve heard from our customers, our Seattle office recently hosted a conference on growth hacking at the offices of Graham & Dunn with our friends from Moz, Projectline Strategies, BootStrapper Studios, and RocketDog Communications.

Even better, we recorded the presentations from our talented speakers to share with the world. Interested in learning how to improve and optimize your company website? Looking to improve your buyer profiles? Need some sustainable web marketing strategies that you can implement tomorrow?

Check out blog posts below from the Growth Hacking 2014 speakers and review slides from the conference here.

Interested in hearing about future Growth Hacking conferences? Please contact us at

Growth Hacking 2014 was hosted at Pier 70 in Seattle, WA at the offices of Graham & Dunn on January 23, 2014.

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