Strategies For Making Good Hiring Decisions

Hiring Managers deserve to have good resources when making hiring decisions. Preview a two-part series from recruitment expert Chris Carlson on how to pick the right sales reps.

Is the prospect of hiring new people at your business stressing you out? The process of reviewing resumes, running interviews, vetting candidates, and ultimately hiring new people is a challenging prospect for most businesses. Moreover, many online resources are geared towards helping prospective employees looking to ace their interview. Where are the blog posts arming hiring managers with the tools they need to make the right hiring decision?

 Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson, President of Sales Talent Inc. and recruitment expert helps business leaders find the right candidates. In a two-part series on PipelineDeals blog, Chris shares strategies and tactics that hiring managers can use to find the right salesperson. He draws directly from his own role as a business-owner and interviewing guru, and provides practical tips that business leaders can implement into their hiring process.

Strategies For Making Good Hiring Choices

Build Your Professional Brand

If you’re looking to be hired, you may also consider taking a look at Chris’s earlier series about building your professional brand online.

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