Hitting Sales Management Goals with SG Partners

Every company that wants to thrive has sales management goals. SG Partners steps in with a unique approach.

Reaching Sales Management Goals

One of the most amiable guys in the world of sales – in our humble opinion – is Michael Lang. He’s the founder of SG Partners, a firm based in Brisbane, Australia. His passion for sales is inspiring.

His story is about doing more than consulting about sales management goals or simply about how to sell. He sees the whole sales process. He told us his goal is to unlock an organization’s hidden cultural value, which would lead to true sales and leadership effectiveness.

He says it is about analyzing systems and the processes, the effectiveness of the sales leaders, sales people, and the recruitment process. He calls it “a journey of change.”

Sales Pipeline Enablement Wins

When you’re on a mission to improve sales management at your company you need a sales CRM. That’s Michael ended up finding PipelineDeals about a decade ago. His goal was to find sales software that would give his clients visibility into their new sales process. He envisioned that sales analytics would show how their sales would continue to improve. He wanted software that was easy to use, easy to manage, reliable and powerful.

Sales management is an important part of growing your business.
Michael Lang helps businesses reach their sales goals.

We’re proud to say, PipelineDeals was the answer to solving this piece to the puzzle for SG Partners.

SG Partners Success

Today, SG Partners works with sales teams in manufacturing, distribution, or IT. The SG Partners team also works with companies that rely on team of engineers, accountants, or legal professionals to build game changing relationships. PipelineDeals’ features, he says, are proven to support these teams.

Michael says he’s proud to have consulted start-ups, scale-ups, and mature companies with positive results. He tells us success is well within reach if companies are guided by the right sales processes and backed by the right CRM software.

Michael says it’s easy to convince his clients to boot up PipelineDeals  through the 14-day, free-trial offer.

Find out more about the other CRMs that SG Partners evaluated, why the company chose PipelineDeals and how Michael continues to successfully grow his consulting business. Read the case study her: SG Inspires Companies to Win with PipelineDeals.

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