How StockPKG Conquered Sales Productivity

Find out how StockPKG used PipelineDeals software to increase productivity by 25% by tracking sales metrics and managing multiple revenue streams.

We’re always delighted to hear how our customers use PipelineDeals to improve their business. StockPKG is a packaging and shipping supply company. With over 40,000 customers located all over the world, finding a CRM that could help them track sales metrics and manage multiple revenue streams was essential. Now with PipelineDeals, they’re making waves with more than a 25% increase in productivity since they started using the platform.

“Last year, we welcomed around 200 new customers each month. PipelineDeals has been essential to managing this rapid growth efficiently and keeping the customers we get. We’ve experienced a 25-30% increase in productivity since we started using the platform.”

– Blake Stoudt, Digital Media Manager

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When StockPKG decided to move from an in-house platform to a commercial CRM, they knew they needed to get it right. They were trying to balance two separate businesses with customers all over the world and finding a platform that could keep it straight was a central concern.

Now, with PipelineDeals, they’re able to efficiently track the needs of their customers and the sales activity their team is producing. PipelineDeals gave StockPKG the ability to monitor and prioritize sales activities. Now every new client receives scheduled follow-up calls to make sure they are bing properly serviced.

With the ability to track sales activity, managers are now able to work with their salespeople to maximize productivity and improve results. Managers and salespeople alike can see precisely what sales activity is occurring. This level of transparency is driving results, starting with a massive increase in productivity.

 get the StockPKG case study

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