Hushly Uses PipelineDeals To Target B2B Marketing Innovators

Hushly helps B2B marketers connect with website visitors during the anonymous, due diligence stage, increasing the quality and quantity of leads that are passed to Sales.  We talked with co-founder and CEO Geoff Rego about how a free PipelineDeals bootstrap account is helping the company ensure a successful launch.

What is Hushly?

 Hushly helps B2B marketers

When marketers put a web form in front of their content to capture leads, as many as 90% of visitors abandon the page without completing the form. The Hushly widget detects intent-to-abandon and offers an immediate download of the content. Visitors are then given the option to register with Hushly where they can engage in anonymous communication with the vendor. While the visitor remains anonymous, the vendor will see buyer profile information. Hushly gives vendors the opportunity to develop a lead that would otherwise have been lost.

Tell us a little about your growth path.

I co-founded another company in the lead generation and management arena, which was later sold to Oracle. I have two Hushly co-founders, including one in India who oversees our development team.

We have self-funded the company since the start. We soft-launched the solution in April 2014 and have since iterated on the functionality and fine-tuned the process to further increase conversions.

We’re now seeking B2B marketing innovators to test the Hushly widget and platform on a number of content offer pages at no cost. The goal is to validate our business model and gather empirical data. If Hushly turns out to be as effective as we hope, the next step is to move up the innovation adoption curve from innovators to early adopters, while raising venture capital to firmly position Hushly and grow the business.

Why did you decide to try a PipelineDeals bootstrap account?

 An easy to use interface makes PipelineDeals a good choice over other CRMs

One of our co-founders, Nancy Nardin, is the President of Smart Selling Tools, a site that informs sales leaders about the top tools for increasing sales productivity. She recommends PipelineDeals and selected it as a Top 40 Sales Tool of 2014.

PipelineDeals has all the functionality of a powerful CRM with one difference: its interface and ease-of-use meant no time would be lost to setup and no training would be required. Our entire team intuitively knew how to use it. We were up and running in less than an hour.

How is PipelineDeals helping your business?

As Nancy knew, PipelineDeals is one of the most economical CRM solutions available. But cash flow is extremely important to a self-funded company and we look to save every nickel possible. The way we see it, PipelineDeals is contributing to our success.

It’s helping us keep track of our pilot account prospects and track status. It keeps all of us on the same page and up to speed on what needs to be done next.

Do you have any tips for other bootstrapped entrepreneurs?

Speed trumps perfection. You can run out of money quickly if you wait for perfection before getting the market’s feedback. And be open to change. The market will tell you whether you have it right and if not, what needs to change.

PipelineDeals offers an unlimited free account to any bootstrap (self-funded) company in the world. Having made it through our own tenuous early years as a bootstrap, we created this program to support other companies that have the gumption to build themselves the old-fashioned way—one dollar a time. Learn more about free bootstrap accounts.

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