iLocal Gurus Takes Full Advantage of PipelineDeals’ Offerings

When iLocal Gurus upgraded to PipelineDeals' accelerated features they were able to take full advantage of the product. 

iLocal Gurus is an online marketing company for small to medium sized business owners who are looking to expand their online presence.

When searching for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, the company looked for something that would boost efficiency across the team. We spoke with Chirece Noonan, customer service manager at iLocal Gurus about how they use PipelineDeals, and how they maximize its benefits.

Who are iLocal Gurus?

Based out of Orange County, California, iLocal Gurus is a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies boost website rankings and visibility, as well as build their online presence through website creation.

They offer solutions through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, email campaigns, website design, and more.

And because they work in so many different channels, they wanted a CRM that would streamline communication, and improve productivity across their team.

How does iLocal Gurus use PipelineDeals?

When Chirece Noonan, customer service manager at iLocal Gurus came on board, the company had already been using PipelineDeals since 2015. But it wasn’t until she joined the team that they upgraded to the additional features the CRM had to offer.

And this upgrade has been advantageous in getting the team up to par. From automated task management, to trackable email, Noonan says it supports them in pinpointing and focusing on what they need to accomplish.

“Those upgrades helped us significantly, and helped with fine tuning our process.”  

In particular, one of the greatest benefits iLocal Gurus gets out of the system is that they can automate tasks in PipelineDeals.


For tasks that require follow up and additional actions, PipelineDeals uses automations to help. From creating a notification that remind someone to follow up with a deal, to notifying team members when they close it, PipelineDeals takes task management to the next level.  

At iLocal Gurus, they use automations for the various projects they are working on.

“If we are going to start a website, I have a trigger and automation to let my website department know we are creating one. I can create triggers and automations to allow another team to start executing that project without having to call or make appointments,” Noonan says.  “It’s all automated—which is something I value about PipelineDeals.”

Trackable Email

In addition to automations, another component of the CRM platform that iLocal Gurus utilizes is trackable email, which allows you to view who opens your emails.

Noonan says seeing that clients have opened up their emails and links attached has helped them build up relationships with their customers. It allows them to better define their outreach efforts, as well as nurture those unresponsive clients.

She says, “PipelineDeals actually helps execute that customer service a lot easier by being able to track those emails and build rapport with our customers.”

What features of PipelineDeals do you find most useful?

In addition to the new features iLocal Gurus took on, there are components of the CRM that Noonan raves about using on a daily basis.

Custom Fields

At iLocal Gurus, they sell packages that consist of a combination of different products that are provided to the client depending on their needs. And because not every client needs every product, they categorize them in their own sections in PipelineDeals.

For each product they offer, there are certain criteria they need to collect, and the information for that product is then stored in the custom field section of that product category.

“Now I have all the information I need in one convenient location, organized the way I like. Anyone else looking for specific information can easily open the category and see the information.”

She says custom fields allow her to focus on the exact criteria she needs for each product, regarding each client’s custom account and their custom business.

“They’re all a little different. You don’t want to cookie cutter too much, you want to be able to fill in the blanks.”

Data Storage

In addition to the personalization that comes with custom fields, iLocal Gurus also sees the value in the data storage capabilities of PipelineDeals.

Noonan says it simplifies her work. Let’s say she needs to do an audit on different products to find what stages they are in, as well as their process.

In the CRM, she can pull audit reports and create whatever criteria she needs for that report, in order for her team to go back through and update their customers in the system.  

It streamlines their process, creating efficiency on her team.

Any tips for first time users?

As far as recommendations for people using PipelineDeals for the first time, she definitely recommends utilizing starred lists to track important information.

Starred lists allow you to keep a watchful eye on important data, reports, and workflows in the CRM. It allows you to keep them on your radar.

With Noonan, if there’s an account review or an update to a client’s account, those are important tasks she wants to star so she can easily monitor them.

But all in all, Noonan suggests using the platform to its full potential, to maximum efficiency.

She says to try to get the most out of it. With so many awesome features that speed up productivity, efficiency, and keep your team on track, there’s no reason someone shouldn’t use the PipelineDeals CRM.

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