PipelineDeals Product Update – Introducing Inactive Users

Find out how the introduction of inactive users will improve reporting and increase flexibility for account administrators.

Turnover is inevitable in business. Sometimes your salespeople leave to pursue a new opportunity. Other times, your business needs to let a person go because they are no longer a good fit. In either instance, it’s critical for businesses to effectively manage how a salesperson leaves the company.

PipelineDeals recently made an important product change to help customers better manage their former team member’s sales history and ongoing deals. Instead of deleting old users from PipelineDeals, account administrators now make their users inactive. Inactive users will not have access to their old profiles, but their historical data will still be available in your account.

The difference between “deleted” and “inactive” users is more than just a language change. By making changes to how account admin’s remove access for old users, customer’s will have improved reporting, more flexibility, and it will be easier to reassign data to your remaining sales team.

Improved Reporting

Prior to this change to “inactive” status, reassigning people and deals from a deleted user would all reassign their historic data. This means that the deleted user’s completed tasks and events, won deals, and lost deals would be owned by the new user. The reassignment of historic data caused issues with reporting and skewed salespeople historical performance.

 Keep track of your inactive sales reps

With the switch to recognizing inactive users, historic data will be listed underneath the historic user. Activities, completed tasks and events, and closed deals will be listed as owned by the inactive user. This data will be visible for your records.

More flexibility for admins

Losing salespeople happens. It’s important to maintain the integrity of your PipelineDeals data and restrict access to your sales CRM when a salesperson leaves the business.

By switching to inactive users, you can instantly restrict access to PipelineDeals by making them inactive. You do not have to immediately reassign their data or worry about losing it. Simply make them inactive, and work with your sales managers to determine how to reassign their deals and people later.

Reassign data easily

 With inactive users, you have more flexibility to reassign your former salesperson's data
With inactive users, you have more flexibility to reassign your former salesperson’s data

In the past, you were prompted to reassign a deleted user’s data to another person on your team at the point of deletion. This created issues for some team’s that needed to reassign deals and people amongst multiple salespeople because it was difficult to filter and find the old user’s data.

When you make a user inactive, you do not have to immediately reassign their people or deals to another user. Once you’re ready to reassign, you can filter for the inactive user’s people or deals in the list-view, and use our bulk actions feature to reassign.

One important note about the switch to inactive users – once you make a user inactive, you cannot reactivate that same user. If you decide to add that user to your account again, you must add using the normal process and the +Add New User button available for Admins at the top of the page in the app.

If you have additional questions about this product change, check out this support article or contact

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