INInbox Integrates with PipelineDeals

 ininbox now integrates with your PipelineDeals CRM

A few months ago, we shared our 5 tips for supercharging your email marketing. We know firsthand the power of effective email marketing and we love sharing how our CRM helps salespersons rule their sales world through our own email marketing campaigns.

Successful email marketing is more than just having a great product or message though. To be a great email marketer, you need tools that will help improve when, how, and what you communicate to ensure that your email is the start of a new deal.

 ininbox supports A/B testing of your emails 

We’re happy to announce a new integration for PipelineDeals to help you improve email marketing with your contacts – INInbox. INInbox is popular email marketing software that helps you build HTML email templates, track email delivery, A/B test email, and auto-respond to email campaigns. With INInbox, you will be able to improve the timing, quality, and effectiveness of your email marketing efforts using their easy-to-use tools.

To enable the integration with INInbox and PipelineDeals, you need to create an INInbox account. From your INInbox account, you can access their integrations page and import your contacts from PipelineDeals. For more details, check out this post from INInbox announcing the integration and providing details on how to setup the integration for your account.


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