Why I Choose to Bring PipelineDeals Everywhere I Go

Why I Choose to Bring PipelineDeals Everywhere I Go

Julian Espinosa brings the CRM everywhere he goes. 


Guest Post by Julian Espinosa, Director of Business Development at Sachs Marketing Group

  Julian Espinosa, Director of Business Development at Sachs Marketing Group
Julian Espinosa, Director of Business Development at Sachs Marketing Group

Let’s face it: Transition periods are rarely fun. The excitement of trying something new is inevitably drowned out by the tedious nature of finding your rhythm.

Nowhere is this more apparent than switching jobs. Forget about getting used to daily life with new coworkers and learning about all the subtle workplace rituals. The act of actually doing the job you were hired to do can mean taking on a variety of different demands and adapting to a new style of doing things.

Enter PipelineDeals. It probably seems a bit odd to insist on bringing a CRM with you, but rest assured that I have my reasons. Surviving a transition period unscathed is no easy feat. Which is exactly why I made sure to bring as many of my trusty tools and connections with me as possible.

To understand why I keep bringing PipelineDeals everywhere I go, you need to understand exactly how this CRM has made my job easier. Think of this as not just a breakdown of my experience with PipelineDeals, but a guideline for deciding which tools to hang onto, no matter where your career leads.


There’s something to be said about the power of keeping things simple. No matter what type of tool you’re considering, simplicity is always appreciated. While there’s no denying that some of the most effective sales and marketing tools can get a bit complex, there’s something refreshing about an experience that’s as user-friendly as it is helpful.

The beauty of bringing PipelineDeals with you is that you can determine how you want things to be seen. For example, if you’ve spent the better part of your career looking at excel spreadsheets, you can easily set things up to resemble a spreadsheet.

But it doesn’t end with just you. Let’s imagine for a second that you’ve suddenly been put in charge of a team of new employees. If your goal is to get them up to speed as quickly as possible, then the simpler you can make the transition for them, the better. The key here is that you’re able to provide something that synergizes with both you and your team.

What’s even more impressive here is that despite the ease of access and general user-friendliness of this system, it still manages to be full of depth and limited only by your imagination when it comes to uses.

Let’s for a second consider what the typical PipelineDeals experience looks like. If you’re most people, you start by adding contacts into the system. From there, you follow up with those contacts periodically, establish times to present to them, and then you close the deal. That’s tried and true, and pretty standard at this point.

But let’s say you wanted to go a bit off-script. With a system like PipelineDeals, the only real limit is you and your team’s creativity. For example, in the past I’ve used PipelineDeals as not just a way to manage my projects, but as a way to leverage my team when I bring them in on a deal or a project. I also use PipelineDeals to manage the accounting for each project.

You can even go a step further with the customization. Use features like the deals tab for accounting and management purposes. You can use it to manage products you’ve purchased, audit and track customer payments, and even automate tasks for specific projects. I tend not to use it for logging notes (when customers call in), but more for when to send out a ranking report for the customer.

What does all this mean? This CRM has turned into a way for me to not only manage leads/tasks/deals, but also a hub for the financials of the business. And the best part? All of this is possible with a single, straightforward system.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel everywhere you go. If you’ve got a system that works well, bring it with you. The smoother your transition process, the sooner you can start executing. If you’re unhappy with your current CRM, it’s worth checking out PipelineDeals. A great CRM can be the difference between an efficient sales funnel and a faulty one.

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