Announcement – B2B Tech Sales MeetUp in Seattle

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We talk to salespeople everyday about their challenges in sales. One consistent theme we hear from salespeople is that they want to become better at sales but they don’t know where to start. Salespeople have busy lives and they need strategies that can be put into action immediately to improve their sales.

 Sales success relies on skill.

That’s why we created the B2B Tech Sales MeetUp – Strategies to Sell Better Today. The purpose of the B2B Tech Sales MeetUp is to provide timely and actionable strategies from sales leaders that you can use to improve your sales immediately. During the MeetUp, you’ll learn new strategies and get the chance to brainstorm how to put these strategies directly into action for your business. Previous topics MeetUp topics include:

Our upcoming MeetUp is Wednesday, July 30th in Seattle, WA, and will feature appetizers, drinks, networking, and great sales leaders. Speakers include:

  • Jarrod Kleweno –  Director of Corporate Sales at ServiceSource

  • George Brewster – Founder of Gimbal Systems

  • More Speakers to Come…

You should attend the B2B Tech Sales MeetUp if you’re a growth focused salesperson who wants to learn real-world, actionable insights to improve your sales performance. Moreover, come prepared to talk about how to implement strategies in your own sales context so that you can rule your sales world.

If you don’t live in the Seattle area or are unavailable to attend the meetup, we will be live blogging the event on July 30th and will have the content available on our blog.

If you’re interested in seeing a B2B Tech Sales MeetUp in your area, let us know!

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