Know your Pipeline

Understand Your Sales Pipeline

Knowing how your pipeline changes over time is as important to knowing your current pipeline size.

Do you understand your sales pipeline?

In the time you read this sentence, could you say if your Pipeline is underperforming? Winning sales teams have accurate, actionable data at their fingertips that allow for quick decision-making. Let’s make sure that you’re one of them. Since PipelineDeals users entrust us with their most valuable asset—their data—we are focused on delivering the insights that drive their business forward. Armed with pipeline performance data, PipelineDeals users are able to get away from number crunching and focus on doing what they do best.

We’ve made a few changes to your PipelineDeals homepage to bring more useful data to the forefront. Think about your sales pipeline—how long did it take to close a deal, on average, last quarter? Has this quarter gone any better?

A wider range of time-periods are now available on your homepage, so answering these kinds of questions has become much easier. Previously, you were only able to gauge your sales pipeline’s performance in current time periods—this week, this month, this quarter or this year. Useful, yes, but what about last week? Or last quarter? By including past time periods, users can now start to understand the trends of their pipeline’s performance.

Check it out:

Know your Pipeline

Take, for example, switching the timeframe to ‘last quarter.’ You can now answer questions like:

  1. Of the deals won last quarter, what were their key metrics? The stats underneath your Pipeline will answer How much revenue did we close, How many deals crossed the finish line, How long did they take to close, What was their win ratio and on average, How big were they?
  2. If deals didn’t close last quarter (but were active in the pipeline), where are they today? Have they progressed? Does our Pipeline look better now than it did a few months ago?

Capturing this information should help quickly orient you regarding the status of your sales pipeline. By making information on your sales pipeline’s past performance more accessible, we hope that you will be more confident and successful in guiding your team forward. Data is king—we’d like to think that a broader understanding of your pipeline’s trends will help bring that revenue home.

 Jake Werlin, Product Manager


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