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Introducing the Leading Mobile CRM App

We’ve just released the new mobile CRM app equipped with the features that sales teams need while they’re out in the field.

The Leading Mobile CRM App

We designed the new PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 to be what our product team likes to call “proactive.”   These new features proactively notify users of real-time updates including through a Pipeline Activity Feed and with push notifications about People, Deals and Companies.  

The app’s customizable pipeline management features are easy to use and intuitive. We like to think it takes traditional CRM functionality to new heights. With minimal taps, you get the info you need to do your work on the go. It’s all about grabbing immediate insight into the things you as a sales pro want to know at all times. Think sales funnel data to all kinds of client history.

Mobile CRM Features: 3.0

Here are three top mobile CRM features that are helping sales teams build game changing relationships:

  • Pipeline Activity Feed:  Real-time feed displays deal movement in a sales pipeline.   
  • Talk-to-Text: Record and capture meeting notes while on the go.
  • Geolocation tools: Map routes to sales visits with one-click.

Just like our desktop CRM, users can add, access, search, and update calendars, leads, tasks, contacts, and deals.  At any time, users can review client data which is always updated and automatically synchronized — from email to calendar activities. 

Here’s a product demo that gives you a five-minute overview of our 3.0 version.


PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 for Android and iOS

We’ve designed this mobile CRM app with sales people in mind. How are they using their mobiles? It’s all reflected in the results of our recent CRM User Mobile Business Trends Survey. Turns out 71 percent of PipelineDeals users say their CRM is the most important business app on their mobile. Find out more mobile trends and statistics here.

For more about what the press and PipelineDeals users are saying about the new mobile CRM app, click on our press release: PipelineDeals Launches Mobile CRM 3.0 to Enhance User Productivity.

Mobile CRM Free Trial

PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 is available for all PipelineDeals accounts at no additional cost.  If you’re not a PipelineDeals customer yet, you can download the app and try a 14-day free trial! Simply visit the iOS App Store or Google Play store. 

If you’re already a PipelineDeals customer, also check out our step-by-step guide in our Knowledge Base.

Do you currently use a mobile CRM app?


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