LinkedIn Contact Importer Update

Social sellers rejoice! We’ve made an update to our LinkedIn Contact Importer. With this new update, you can now import a LinkedIn Connection to your PipelineDeals account with one-click.

The LinkedIn Contact Importer is an extension for the Google Chrome Browser. Download the extension here. Once installed, a PipelineDeals logo will appear on the toolbar while you’re viewing your connection’s profile pages in LinkedIn. Simply click on this logo and your connection will be added to PipelineDeals!

The extension will add the person’s picture, full name, contact information, and other available data to PipelineDeals.

Add the LinkedIn Contact Importer for Chrome

Did you know that 79% of sales people who use social media as a part of their sales process outsell their peers? Your customers use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to research, ask questions, and learn more about their profession. Salespeople have the unique opportunity with social media to build real value for prospect’s hungry to find a better way.

Luke Floyd, a social selling expert, recently released a free Survival Guide for Social Selling available here. Pair the Survival Guide with the updated LinkedIn Contact Importer and up your game today!

Get the Social Selling Survival Guide

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