Lorenz Financial Increases Sales with PipelineDeals

Lorenz Financial is a Houston based insurance company specializing in Life and Health insurance. We spoke with President and CEO Jack Lorenz about how PipelineDeals and Gmail and Google Calendar has helped him run his small business.

Tell us more about about your business.

I have been in the insurance business since 1994. At Lorenz Financial we focus on distribution of Life and Health insurance company products. We are a small shop, typically just myself and two others.

Why did you choose PipelineDeals?

I started out using SalesForce, but it was getting pricey and cumbersome with all the add-ons. I decided it was time to move on. I started doing some research online, and found PipelineDeals

 Pipeline management and ease of use were early draws to PipelineDeals
Pipeline management and ease of use were early draws to PipelineDeals

Honestly, the first thing that drove me to it was the name. I am in sales, and a “Pipeline” management tool grabbed my attention. Then I signed up for the 14 day free trial, and I really liked it. First, It was refreshing to work with a company that was always available by phone, answering and returning calls immediately. With Salesforce, I would have to file a ticket and wait for someone to call me.

PipelineDeals was simple and straightforward. I wanted software that was easy to use without a lot of steps. I also found it had a lot of features that worked well for my business, including the color-coding capabilities. When I decided to officially make the switch, PipelineDeals helped me get my contacts and information transferred over almost immediately from Salesforce, which was one of my main concerns when switching to a different CRM.

How does PipelineDeals and Google Apps help your business?

 Google Apps for Work

PipelineDeals integration with Gmail and Google Calendar was a huge plus in my selection process. I really like how seamlessly PipelineDeals and Google Apps work together. Being able to attach an email directly into PipelineDeals from Gmail has been incredibly helpful for my business, and has saved me a great deal of time. I can easily pull up an account and have all pertinent information at my fingertips, without having to take additional steps and jump from my CRM to email.  

In other platforms I looked at, having the two-way contact sync, that allows me to easily save a contact to PipelineDeals from my Gmail,  was an additional cost. I like that this integration is included and does not go through a 3rd party vendor, which would add additional cost on top of what I was already paying for.

Who would you recommend use PipelineDeals and Google Apps?

I would recommend PipelineDeals to anyone in sales of any type. I can attest that it definitely works for the insurance industry. Back when we started, we didn’t have computers, and it would take 3 people to do the work that PipelineDeals, Gmail, and Google Calendar does for us now. If your business manages people through a sales pipeline, PipelineDeals and Google Apps is the answer.  Additionally, while running a business with minimal staff, this integration makes it incredibly simple to reach out to people, record all interaction, attach all Google events and emails, and have a simple platform to reference whenever needed.

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