PipelineDeals Adds Document Access For iPhone & Android

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at @PipelineDeals

    Imagine you’re running across town for an in-person negotiation. As you travel, you review past activities for the deal on your PipelineDeals app to ensure you’re clear on the finer details.

 Access your most important details and documents on the road with PipelineDeals app for iPhone and Android
Access your most important details and documents on the road with PipelineDeals app for iPhone and Android

    You open up the app, click on the deal, and read through the latest calls, emails, and negotiations. What was the sticking point from the most recent contract? You tap on the document section on deals to open up the contract and refresh yourself on the details. Now you can enter your meeting with the confidence that you’re ready to close your next big deal.

    PipelineDeals app for iPhone and Android just got better with our newly released document access. You can now access documents associated to people, deals, or companies in PipelineDeals on your phone. Simply navigate to a record and tap on the new documents menu to reveal your associated documents. Tap on the document to open it up on your phone.

    With the addition of document access, you can access all the details for your leads, deals, and accounts.  If you do not already have the PipelineDeals app for iPhone or Android, you can download the app by going to the App Store or Google Play store. In addition to new document access, we’ve also made recent updates to increase the speed and performance of the app.

 PipelineDeals is available in the Apple App Sote

 PipelineDeals is available in the Android App Store

    If you already have the app for iPhone and Android, make sure to go to the app store and ensure that you have the most updated version on your device. If you have questions please contact customercare@pipelinedeals.com or call us at 866-702-7303.

 David Baars- Marketing Manager

David is a math teacher turned marketing nerd. He runs marathons, exploring the outdoors, and learning how to build things.

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