A Mompreneur’s Business Advice

By Michele Crocitto, Marketing Coordinator at PipelineDeals

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we’re honoring women entrepreneurs that we admire who split their time between growing their business and being a mother. We asked each Mompreneur about their challenges and learned their tips for success. Today’s Mompreneur is Lisbet Mielke, Owner of Ravishing Radish.

Can you provide a brief bio of the business you started?

 Ravishing Radish Catering uses PipelineDeals

Ravishing Radish Catering has been in business for 22 years.  We are based in Seattle and our main focus is large scale, full-service events.  We provide local & sustainable food from scratch and have assembled an amazing team of event planners, chefs and event service staff to make each event truly special.

What inspired you to start a business?

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to own my own business.  I even had two in college before starting Ravishing Radish Catering.  I enjoy making decisions without having to check with anyone else and I really love the creativity that owning the business allows me.  Starting a catering company also seemed like the best fit for my skill set and personality because I love food, flowers, décor, parties & people. So I feel lucky to be surrounded by everything I love.  

Who has been your biggest inspiration that has gotten you to where you are?

 Lisbet Mielke, Owner of Ravishing Radish
Lisbet Mielke, Owner of Ravishing Radish

My parents have been the biggest inspiration to me.  They are both extremely energetic, tenacious and kind. They do not take no for an answer and they never give up on something that matters to them. They also help me with the accounting side of the business which has been a huge help to me so I can focus on the growth and vitality of the company.

What are some major challenges you face as a mother, and a woman entrepreneur?

I haven’t noticed too many challenges centered around being a woman entrepreneur. I’m lucky to be in an industry that has lots of women in leadership roles.

Share your tricks of the trade – what business apps, or products help you run your business and life more efficiently?

My iPhone. I use Google calendar to keep track of meetings, events, my son’s baseball and soccer games, etc. I love the alerts that warn me about something coming up. It’s virtually impossible to double book yourself with this system. (as long as you put everything on the calendar!) And it beats  my old school way of asking my assistant to text me a photo of our calendar in the wall. 😉

 Learn from your mistakes how to make a business grow and flourish. 

Looking back to when you were just getting started, Is there anything you would have done differently?

Not too many things. I’ve learned more from my mistakes than any successes…and I haven’t been shy about trying new things and making mistakes.

What is one piece of advice you have for mothers wanting to start their own businesses?

Find something you think is fun and that you’re passionate about. Leaving to go to work and leaving my child is unthinkable if I didn’t love my work and those I work with. Making friends with my competitors has also been invaluable when questions come up or when I need moral support/camaraderie.

Don’t forget to honor a Mompreneur who know (or yourself), in the comments below! Happy Mother’s day Moms!

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