New Home Tab Efficiently Prioritizes Your Pipeline’s Deals

 PipelineDeals new Home Tab answers the questions: how am I doing and what should I do next? PipelineDeals new Home Tab answers the questions: how am I doing and what should I do next?

PipelineDeals released a new Home tab this week to provide companies with a snapshot of their sales pipeline and a roadmap for what to do next to drive more business and revenue.

Salespeople start their mornings with two questions top of mind:

  1. How much revenue have I pulled in recently?
  2. What should I do next to close more deals and get more revenue?

It’s this sharp focus on driving new business and increasing revenue that helps salespeople grow companies. These questions also guided us when we developed the brand new Home tab that we’re launching today.

The new Home tab is mission control for your pipeline’s deals, enabling you to:

  • Focus on Opportunity
  • Dynamically Track Performance
  • Take Strategic Action

Here’s a quick tour of the features you’ll find on the new Home tab.

Focus on Opportunity

Your Pipeline Dollars and Pipeline Deals are highlighted front and center to help you focus your day on what’s important – new revenue opportunities. From this view, you can see your own pipeline, or dig into your company or team member’s pipeline if you’re a manager or executive. You can also filter by different time frames to view your performance for the week, month, quarter or year.

Dynamically Track Performance

The Home tab also includes helpful pipeline stats to help you proactively track your performance and ensure you are on top of your game. Again, you can hover over these fields to quickly compare performance through time.

Take Strategic Action

One of the most valuable aspects of the new Home tab is the ability to know what to do next. In addition to your Agenda and Starred Lists, two new modules are available on the Home tab.

Improve Your Timeliness of Lead Follow-Up

The Latest Email Interactions feature displays the most recent email interactions from existing leads. This flags the moment a lead opens an email or clicks through a link. Additionally, this feature prompts immediate required action as the odds of reaching a lead if called within 5 minutes of an interaction, versus 30 minutes, drops 100 times. This real-time follow-up is essential to increasing sales success.

Stop Losing Deals Through The Cracks

Losing a deal because of inactivity or inattention is a nightmare for any salesperson or sales manager. With the new Deals Slipping Away feature, we help draw attention to large deals that have no recent activity or scheduled follow-up items. These deals are filtered and displayed for your view, so that you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks again.

We’re excited to launch the new Home tab for all customers. Let us know your feedback below!

Looking to close more deals with less effort? Try a free 14-day trial of PipelineDeals today!

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