Boost Your Productivity With New Features From PipelineDeals

Find out more about recent updates to the app and learn how you can provide feedback about features that you want to see.

At PipelineDeals, we’re fortunate to receive amazing feedback from our customers. The feedback that we receive about the product often helps us prioritize development and future improvements to the app. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and helpful suggestions recently, and want to share with you a few new features that were recently released.

Add Images & Format Text

You can now insert hyperlinked images directly into your email signature. This feature will allow you to enter in your company logo and link it back to your website. You can even add images for Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media websites, and link them directly to your social media profiles.

Additionally, we have added more flexibility to edit content. You can now customize the font, text size, and the text color for emails. This will let you personalize your email content and differentiate your messages.

 Manage your email signature in PipelineDeals. 

Join Deals Data Alongside Your Agenda

For salespeople who are task oriented, it’s important to be able to see all of your to-do items alongside the most pertinent data. We’ve recently updated the Agenda tab to provide you with greater flexibility and power to view relevant data on your people, deals, and companies.

 Access customer info side-by-side with your agenda. 

When you are navigating through your open items for the week, you can now add the associated deal information from the list view. Have a task to send an email? All the information on your deals is now available without ever leaving the agenda tab. Simply click the rolodex icon underneath the info column, click email, personalize, and fire away!  This allows for a more streamlined completion of tasks so you can get to closing more deals.

Unsubscribe tracking is coming soon

Coming next to Accelerator: Auto-unsubscribe. Within the next few days, PipelineDeals will begin displaying unsubscribe information from your people in the list view. This means that you will be able to view all users who have unsubscribed from your emails and have requested that you stop sending them email.  

Please note – when you send an email to seven or more people, PipelineDeals will automatically add an unsubscribe link to your email (per federal law). If someone unsubscribes from these emails you won’t be able to email them again. The advantage of having these emails auto-flagged is that you can easily filter on unsubscribes and know who you should reach out to in smaller batches, or one-on-one.

We are excited about the newest additions to PipelineDeals and for the continued innovation based on customer feedback. If you have more suggestions or feedback, please go to our features request forum. Thank you for being a PipelineDeals customer.

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