Holiday Product Updates to Finish the Year Strong

Find out more about three recent improvements to PipelineDeals forms, filters, and integrations.

There are only a couple more weeks left in 2015 and we’re still making improvements to PipelineDeals. Several updates to highlight this holiday week are:

  1. New Field Ordering – Customize how your team members add new people, deals and companies.

  2. New Filtering Feature – Filter on fields with no value in the list views.

  3. Integration Update – QuickBooks Online integration has been updated.

These recent improvements in the app are designed to help you finish 2015 strong and have a productive new year!

New Field Ordering

Every business has different data needs when they add new leads, deals, or contacts to their sales pipeline. That’s why we’ve added a new element to customize in the app – field ordering. Field ordering lets your account admin determine which fields should be prioritized when you’re adding new people, deals, and companies to PipelineDeals. With field ordering, you can:

  • Optimize where fields like email address, phone number, or custom fields appear on the person, deal, and company forms.

  • Mark your most important fields, including any default field like email address, as a required field.

  • Ensure your team always knows what to include when they’re adding new deals and leads to PipelineDeals.

 Customize your fields to view the data you need. 

New field ordering will save your team time and will help increase the amount of data that you have your PipelineDeals account. If you’re an admin, click here to start customizing your field orders now.

New Filtering Feature – Filter on “No Value”

Filters are a powerful way to view and report on your data. With the new “has no value” filter, you can more easily identify leads or deals in your account that need extra attention. Use this new filter to:

  • Identify leads who have never been contacted and prioritize their follow-up.

  • Find contacts with no email, phone number, or other contact data, and target these contacts for data augmentation.

  • Target deals with no stage and update them to ensure that you have an accurate sales pipeline forecast.

 filter by no value too. 

The “has no value” filter is available for both default and custom fields, and can be used by clicking on the downward arrow on column headers in the list view. Click here for more information on how to use filters.

Integration Update – QuickBooks Online Update

 PipelineDeals and Quickbooks integration. 

We announced an update for our integration with QuickBooks Online late this past week. Here are the highlights from that announcement:

  • Add new QuickBooks customers from PipelineDeals contacts when you create a new QuickBooks invoice in PipelineDeals.

  • Create a new activity and link to the invoice record in PipelineDeals when you create a new QuickBooks invoice.

  • Easily handoff closed deals to bookkeeping to streamline your invoicing process.

For complete details on the update, click here to read our announcement.

Interested in trying out PipelineDeals for yourself? Click here to start a free 14 day trial.

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