Strategically Plan Your Tasks in the PipelineDeals List Views

Prioritizing your tasks for the week can be a challenge. Scheduled tasks, like phone calls or emails, are not all created equal and you need to know the right things to focus on. 

Recently, we wrote how you can use the To-Dos List to review, prioritize, or reschedule your most important tasks and events for the day. The To-Dos List is a powerful feature, but it isn’t the only way that you can keep on top of your agenda.

PipelineDeals Pros also use the “Next Task” and “Next Task Due” columns on the Deal and People tabs to strategically plan their days. To use this feature, navigate to the Deals or People tab and add the “Next Task” and “Next Task Due” columns to your view. Next, click on Advanced filtering so you can intelligently filter on the most important upcoming tasks in your pipeline. 

Analyzing your upcoming tasks and events in context to their value, status, and stage is critical to scheduling your time. To illustrate – imagine you have tasks for dozens of deals for the upcoming week. All your deals have some value – but some deals are more valuable than others. How do you choose the most important tasks to tackle first?

With the “Next Task” and “Next Task Due” columns in the Deal list view, you can quickly drill down on urgent tasks for your most valuable deals. Want to know tasks for your deals that are in limbo? No problem! Use filters to drill down on urgent deals that could die if you don’t take direct action.

Want to see this workflow and feature in action? Check out the video below from our team highlighting how you can use this feature. Also, we want to hear If you have a great workflow for prioritizing your upcoming tasks and events! Comment on this post or email us at, and we’ll highlight your workflow for the PipelineDeals community.

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