Introducing the Only CRM Excel Add-in for SMBs

Excel is one of the most popular business tools and that’s why we introduced the only CRM Excel Add-in for SMBs.

CRM Excel Add-in

Excel is one of those everyday office tools that helps all kinds of businesses get work done. In fact,  half-a-billion people worldwide use Excel. Microsoft’s CEO has even called Excel out as its most important consumer product. It’s no surprise either that according to industry research, being an Excel pro is one of the most requested job skills.

We’ve just announced that we are the only SMB CRM in the market to offer this Microsoft Excel Add-in. Check out today’s coverage from Destination CRM.

Excel is one of the most useful office tools for SMBs so having this integration helps our CRM customers immensely by saving time and resources. In the end, that means more productive companies.


Solving Problems: CRM Excel Add-in

We aim to solve business problems and make life easier for sales teams.  That’s how this integration came to be. Do you find yourself facing any of the following frustrations or problems? Using our Excel integration could be a game changer.

Problem you may face: You spend too much time recreating the same Excel charts, graphs, tables and dashboards to monitor sales trends.

Solution: With the Microsoft Excel Add-in, you can create Excel charts, graphs, tables and dashboards only once and updated data will be populated into those same charts and graphs every hour. By “automating the mundane,” you’ll save countless hours because the Add-in automatically imports and refreshes data.



Problem you may face: You find yourself wanting access to the most updated customer data from your Excel reports

Solution: This is a must these days – having easy access to updated customer data when it is needed.  You’re likely on the road, on the go or simply on your mobile.

The PipelineDeals Excel Add-in gives companywide visibility by enabling anytime access to the files which show the most up-to-date information about the health of a company’s customer base and sales pipeline.

Problem you may face: You struggle creating the dashboards you want.

Solution: Let’s face it, every business has unique KPIs and need different views of their sales and customer data.  With Excel 2016, there are infinite possibilities for the types of charts, graphs, views you can build.  Data can be sliced and diced anyway you want. With the PipelineDeals Excel Add-in, sales leaders can create any view they want. Additionally, they can take advantage of six new powerful Excel charts in Office 2016.


Download the CRM Excel Add-in Today

Are you a PipelineDeals CRM user?  Be sure to download the integration here: Data Sync for Excel 2016

Not a PipelineDeals user yet?  Try our CRM software in a free, 14-day trial to see what this great integration and our other features are about. Sign up by clicking here.

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