New Page Tips Make PipelineDeals Easier Than Ever to Use

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple. In fact, the simplicity of PipelineDeals is a key reason why we’re such a useful CRM alternative to Salesforce. We hate feature bloat and debate features amongst our team before just adding them. We want to make sure that new features improve your experience with PipelineDeals.

However, while fielding customer phone calls over the years, it became clear to us that sometimes our users miss features already in the app that would help them out. Perhaps they just didn’t know where to look? Or perhaps they looked, but they needed more help understanding how the feature worked?

 Page Tips - A great way to learn more about PipelineDeals!
Page Tips – A great way to learn more about PipelineDeals!

We wrestled with what to do about this. Guided tours are popular on websites these days, and we considered doing that. However, we felt that was overkill. We find these guided tours can be a little annoying and it is hard to reference guided tours in the future.

So the idea of page tips was born. Simple tips for every page in the app to give an overview of basic functions and features on that page.

To access page tips, click on the “?” icon at the top of the app and select page tips. If you are navigating to a page in the app for the first time, page tips will automatically load from the top of the page. If you don’t want to see the new tips pop up in the app, you can uncheck the box on any tips page labeled “Show tips the first time I use a feature.”

Page tips are unique to every page in the app and feature links to relevant videos and support articles in the Help Center. With page tips, you can easily learn basic functions on every page in the app and link directly to support.

Still have unanswered questions? Contact our helpful customer support team at or call us at 866-702-7303. Our Customer Care team is available Monday through Friday, 8AM ET – 8PM ET. 

Finally, if you have an idea for how we can make PipelineDeals even simpler and more useful, please let us know! We love to hear from our customers and want to make PipelineDeals an even better tool for tracking your leads and sales pipeline.

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