New Integration With PieSync Keeps Your Contacts In Sync

PipelineDeals is designed to be the central hub and vault for your customer relationships, helping your entire team stay in sync. It’s also important that your CRM helps keep your entire tech stack in sync. That’s why we’re excited to announce an integration with PieSync that will make syncing your customer’s contact information with marketing automation systems a breeze.

PieSync is a B2B connection service with the goal of increasing your productivity by combining the powers of your favorite cloud applications. With PieSync, you can:

  • Save time by continuously updating contact information between your B2B apps.
  • Improve data hygiene between your various systems.
  • Save money on the development cost of custom-coding API connections.

This initial launch of the integration allows you to connect PipelineDeals to ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor, two popular marketing automation systems for SMB. The integration also lets you sync your contacts with Google Contacts and MailChimp, although PipelineDeals provides native integrations for syncing with Google and MailChimp. PieSync lets you sync your contacts bi-directionally between systems, or you can push data from one master system like PipelineDeals to your marketing automation system.

UPDATE (5/23/16) – You can now sync PipelineDeals with additional services shown below.

For more details on PieSync’s integration with PipelineDeals, click here to check out their website.

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