PipelineDeals Awarded 2019 CRM Excellence Award

One of our core values is being customer obsessed. That’s why we are honored that we received the 2019 CRM Excellence Award for helping clients improve the customer experience.

CUSTOMER Magazine and TMC: 2019 CRM Excellence Award

It’s official. We’re the recipient of a 2019 CRM Excellence Award, presented by CUSTOMER magazine. The award also involves TMC, a global, integrated media company, and the criteria of the award is based on a company’s focus on expanding and improving customer relationships.

The CRM Excellence Awards rely on facts and statistics demonstrating the improvements that we have made in a customer’s business. Winners are chosen on the basis of their product or service’s ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all encompassing, covering the entire enterprise and the entire lifetime of the customer. 

As the head of customer teams at PipelineDeals, I believe that this industry recognition shows the importance of the power of a sales CRM in the customer journey.  A sales CRM not only improves sales efficiency, sales team productivity and the bottom line — but also improves the customer experience 

What is Customer Centric About PipelineDeals

Here’s what we do and what we have a passion about.  We help businesses build game changing relationships. To do that means we need to build the tools that help sales leaders sell smarter. We do this by focusing on sales pipeline, lead, contact, and sales team management features. Above all, we’re the most adopted CRM among SMBs.  Our high adoption rate is impressive when you consider the low adoption rates in the industry. The highly trusted online software solutions platform called G2 rates products and vendors on reviews and we scored number one across its Summer 2019 Mid-Market Index Reports for CRM for all three Indexes that rate usability, implementation and relationship management. 

You can check out the G2 reports here.

Customers Choose PipelineDeals

That adoptabiity factor is crucial for CRM users. We accomplish this through and easy-to-use and customizable experience, sales focused features, and leading customer support and service. The end result? Our customers can close deals faster while building game changing relationships.

In our Customer Success Stories page on our website you can find exactly why our customers find value in PipelineDeals. It’s pretty inspiring.

I’ll end this post with a point of view directly from our those great customer success stories. We spoke to Jeff Vaughn, the VP of Sales at Trailer Bridge recently about how he’s doing with PipelineDeals. He’s in a great position as he is set up for success to keep up with his company’s growth. 

In summary, Trailer Bridge increased productivity by 100 percent and expanded its transportation and logistics operations by streamlining its sales process with PipelineDeals. The company will open a total of eight new branches within the next year. He sums it up best with his quote: 

“The larger we get, the more we need PipelineDeals. We call it ‘living in PipelineDeals.'”

— Jeff Vaughn, Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

You can read more about the award criteria in the following article:

CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2019 CRM Excellence Award

Try PipelineDeals today. Get started with a 14-day free trial by clicking here.

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