PipelineDeals is a Leader in Sales Technology

PipelineDeals is a Leader in Sales Technology

PipelineDeals finds themselves in Smart Selling Tool's Top Selling Tools of 2017 guide. 

PipelineDeals has done it again. They’ve made it on Smart Selling Tools’ list of Top Selling Tools for the fifth year in a row.

What makes a top selling tool? According to Smart Selling Tools, the best platforms help get leads through the door, organize the sales process, store customer data, and are easy to manage.

And when weighting which tools rank highest, they grouped them by category. The categories include account based selling, sales prospecting and communication, pipeline management and forecasting, sales enablement and engagement, closing deals, as well as sales management, coaching and training.

PipelineDeals ranks as one of the best tools in the category of pipeline management and forecasting. This is in part because of its ability to help with organization, time management, as well as trackable email functions.


Organization is key when it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. You want a system where you can easily store and navigate to customer information and data.

And with PipelineDeals, you’ll be able to house your clients and prospects contact information, interactions with them, as well as documents and data, all in one location.


PipelineDeals’ automated task management definitely sets them apart from the pack. Being able to automate multi-step processes in your sales cycle does wonders for your productivity and time management. Long gone are the days of following up with leads after every deal stage. Now you can let your CRM do it for you.


PipelineDeals allows you to send and track email from the CRM. You’ll be able to identify who opens your email, allowing you to get a better grasp on how to follow up with clients and prospects.

PipelineDeals is a leader in pipeline management and forecasting. To learn more about how they stack up, check out the Smart Selling Tools’ Top Sales Tools of 2017 Guide.

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