Pipeliner goes to bat for senior pets

Pipeliner John Serrantino is a volunteer and foster parent for the City of Elderly Love.

Proud Pipeliner John Serrantino is a volunteer and foster parent for the City of Elderly Love, a senior pet care and adoption organization. Following a major success, John chose to donate his bonus to the City of Elderly Love to further their good work.   

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at PipelineDeals

 John and Sarah

One of our core values as a business is “You Matter, Customers Matter.” This value is central to how we treat members of our team and customers alike. One way we help show our team members that they matter is through empowering Pipeliners (what we call individual members of our team) to volunteer time with organizations they care about.

 rescue animals hosted by John and Sarah

Recently, our senior account executive John Serrantino received a bonus for going above and beyond to close a large account. Instead of setting off for Hawaii on a vacation, John decided to donate this bonus to City of Elderly Love, an organization that he volunteers with and cares deeply about. City of Elderly Love is an independent subsidiary of Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia, dedicated to connecting senior and hospice pets with loving homes.

We’re immensely proud of John for donating his bonus to City of Elderly Love and we’re excited to share more about the City of Elderly Love. We spoke with one of their leaders Samantha (Sam) Holbrook to learn more:

Tell us a little bit more about the City of Elderly Love?

 The City of Elderly Love

City of Elderly Love is a non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of adoptable senior pets in the Philadelphia area. Our central message is about the importance of adopting. Period. While many people are open and receptive to adopting older pets, the truth is that most adopters want to adopt a puppy or a kitten. We stress that the golden years of a pets life are valuable and highlight great animals that would otherwise be overlooked because they’re seniors or need hospice care. Age is just a number.

What are some of the difficulties that senior pets have that you’re addressing?

One negative perception of senior pets, especially those pets who have not been living with owners, is that they have expensive health problems. All our pets are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered before going to their adoptive homes. We also pay for blood tests and sponsor animals that require hospice care so that they’ll be comfortable through the end of their lives.

 Dogs and cats learning to get along

Another issue that senior pets have is that they tend to have longer adoption cycles than other pets, especially in a crowded shelter. As a result, they’re more likely than younger pets to be euthanized in the city’s animal shelters. City of Elderly Love doesn’t have its own facility to house pets. We use a network of foster pet owners, like John and his girlfriend Sarah, to take care of senior pets while we work to find them permanent adopted homes.

How do you support your business?

We rely on public donations in order to run. We do actively apply to foundation and governmental grants, but our primary source of funding is from the community. 90% of our funds go to pay for vet bills for the pets. John and Sarah’s donation is incredible and we really appreciate the support.

What are the biggest ongoing challenges that City of Elderly Love faces?

 The new addition

The biggest challenges for us moving forward are funding and awareness. Because we’re reliant on donations for paying for vet bills and other services, we must make sure that we have money on hand before we can rescue a pet and place it with foster parents. On the awareness side of things, we actively post on our Facebook community and have a committed community of supporters. We could always use additional people to serve as foster pet owners so that we can rescue more senior pets.

What is one thing that you want businesses and others to know about City of Elderly Love?

We just want to reiterate that age is just a number, and that senior pets have so much to give to open families. You can learn more about about City of Elderly love on our website or on our Facebook page.

A big thanks to John and Sarah for their generous donation. If you’d like to learn more about John, you can find him on our about us page. Or, if you’re interested in working with awesome people like John, PipelineDeals is currently hiring in sales, marketing and engineering. Learn more on our careers page.

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