Building a Lead Machine – Introducing the Pipeline Way

By David Baars, Marketing Manager. Follow @davidabaars

Introducing The Pipeline Way

We’re delighted to introduce the first installment of The Pipeline Way, our original guide to building an efficient sales machine. This series of free e-books will offer best practices for optimizing your Sales Machine, with an emphasis on sales process.

Who’s it for?

Our focus is on B2B sales organizations, particularly those in service-based industries such as SaaS companies, advertising/marketing/PR agencies, professional services, and financial services. Our primary goal is to help our customers succeed, but we believe the material will be useful far beyond our customer base.

If you’re just getting started, The Pipeline Way will walk you through the fundamentals of building a best-of-breed sales organization. However, any sales team can benefit from the opportunity to review and improve their sales process. And even the most experienced salesperson will find simple and specific techniques to help them do better.

What will it include?

The Pipeline Way will address all the steps of a basic sales process.

 Manage your sales from lead to close in your CRM.

Each book will include best practices, specific examples, quick tips, relevant management advice, and guidance on selecting the best technologies for your business. We know you’re busy, so we’ve designed the content in bite-sized chunks—quick to digest and easy to implement.

Without further ado, we invite you to download The Pipeline Way: Building a Lead Machine. This book addresses the first two stages in the sales process, loading you up with tips and guidelines for generating more leads and making the most of every one. Get your free copy today!

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