PipelineDeals Pro Tip: Advanced Search

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at @PipelineDeals

 CRM is the library for your sales data. Do you know how to search across your data?
CRM is the library for your sales data. Do you know how to search across your data?

Libraries employ librarians, online catalog systems, and other tools to make it easy to research and find the information that you need. Without these tools, libraries would be unapproachable and not be nearly as helpful. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a living library for all of your sales data.

Like any good library, CRM contains a lot of valuable information that you need to be able to find with ease. PipelineDeals has a number of simple and sophisticated search features that you can use to find exactly the information that you need to close your next deal. Here are some of the advanced search features used by PipelineDeals Pros.

1 – Wildcard Search

Have you ever been searching for something and realized that you only remember part of what you’re looking for? A wildcard search is great for those moments when you only remember a small bit of what you’re searching for.

A wildcard search allows you to search for part of a number, name or phrase. For example, PipelineDeals pros use the wildcard search to:

  • Find all contacts and leads with a specific email domain like,, or

  • Find all deals with a specific phrase in the deal summary.

  • Find all companies that share a particular naming convention like LLC, Inc., or Limited.

 Use the percent sign to perform a wildcard search.

To use a wildcard search, type the % symbol to begin any search you make in PipelineDeals (example – %pipeline). For more information on how use wildcard searches, watch this helpful screencast describing how to use the wildcard search to find all contacts with an email address.

2 – Global Search Bar – Search By Email Address & Phone Number

 Search for anything with the global search bar. 

The Global Search Bar is a great way to search for a specific deal, person or company, but did you know you can use Global search to search by email address or phone number? Simply type in an email address or phone number, and PipelineDeals will find the matching record in your account.

Using the Global Search Bar to search for an email address or phone number is a great feature for sales development reps (SDRs). Additionally, the Global Search Bar accepts Wildcard searches as well so that you can search for part of a phone number or part of an email address.

3 – Search Across Joined List Views

The joined list views under the Deals tab are a great place to search across your deals, people, and companies.

Are you looking for all deals associated to companies in a specific industry? Or maybe you want to know which titles of workers you’re working with for your biggest deals. With search in the joined list views, you can filter your data in thousands of ways to get just the right info you need.

 Perform advanced searches under the deals tab using the advanced settings. 

To search in the join list views, click on the Advanced button and use the filters or fields under the columns. For additional details on searching in the Joined List Views, check out this support article.

 David Baars- Marketing Manager

David Baars is a math teacher turned marketing nerd. He runs marathons, exploring the outdoors, and learning how to build things. 

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