5 PipelineDeals Pro-Tips to Accelerate You Into 2015

We love hearing from our PipelineDeals pros and sharing best practices for using PipelineDeals. Over the past year, our blog has had an ongoing feature called PipelineDeals Pro-Tips. Pro-Tips gather together everything from sales strategies with PipelineDeals, features, and training tips.

 Improve your sales process in 2015

Below are some of our favorite Pro-Tips from the last few months. Expect to see many more tips from PipelineDeals in 2015!

1 – 5 Tips For Onboarding New Salespeople to Your CRM

Hiring new salespeople is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for a business. If you’re a sales manager or a business owner, it’s critical to onboard new salespeople as quickly as possible so that they can help grow your business. We gathered together 5 tips for you to onboard your new salespeople to your CRM quickly.

2 – 3 Filter Features Every Salesperson Should Use

Filters and reports in PipelineDeals are incredibly powerful. If you are not using filters yet, or you need some help getting started, take a look at these 3 filters. Filters help you stay more organized and close more deals. 

3 – Get Started With Email Aliases

It’s a reality for most salespeople that they’re sending emails from multiple email accounts. With email aliases, you can make sure that you track all your outgoing messages to leads and contacts into PipelineDeals from any email address. 

4 – Lead Capture on the Go

In addition to PipelineDeals mobile apps for iPhone and Android, PipelineDeals also has additional quick capture features for leads. These two features are great to use when you’re in a hurry and need to jot down a quick note about a potential new lead.

5 – Strategically plan your next tasks in the list view

In addition to the Agenda tab, you can also strategically plan your day in the Deal or People list view using our Next Task and Next Task Due features. This can be an incredibly powerful way to organize your day. See how some PipelineDeals pros are using the Next Task features to prioritize and plan their day.

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