Product Release Notes: August 2019

Learn about our latest feature releases and product improvements in this “super” edition.

What’s New:

Introducing SuperShare

Share. Collaborate. Close Faster.

PipelineDeals today announced SuperShare™, a sales pipeline sharing feature that empowers PipelineDeals customers to share data in real-time for easy, real-time collaboration with external collaborators.

External collaboration view of PipelineDeals.

How SuperShare Works

SuperShare enables you, the PipelineDeals user, to choose the current deals you want to share directly from your powerful List Views. Then, you can easily invite key external collaborators to view the critical and exact data in a secure format, whether or not your external collaborator has a PipelineDeals subscription. 

After an email invitation is accepted, the external user is automatically given a free PipelineDeals SuperShare account that includes access to an indispensable view of the subscriber’s app: the Deals page. By viewing the Deals page, external users can see useful data that the PipelineDeals user has chosen to share with them.

Should You Be SuperSharing?

SuperShare is designed to foster easy collaboration, including real-time messaging and comments, right within PipelineDeals. As a result, businesses involved don’t have to worry about spending time writing and keeping track of countless emails relating to a deal, downloading spreadsheets with the certain data, or preparing reports in order to share information. With all of that, users can reap the benefits of multiple levels of accountability.

With PipelineDeals SuperShare, you can: 

  • Share sales data easily with anyone.

Quickly grant select data access to external vendors, partners, and collaborators.

  • Reach the right people with the right data.

Pick shared data from powerful List Views to collaborate and easily close deals faster.

  • Safely choose data to foster collaboration.

Securely share PipelineDeals CRM data outside of your company by utilizing SuperShare Admin permissions.  

Watch the SuperShare video!

PipelineDeals is available for customers on the Develop or Grow plans.

Learn more! Check out these links:

Blog Post – Close Deals Faster with SuperShare by PipelineDeals CEO JP Werlin

Press Release:PipelineDeals Announces SuperShare™ to Enable Customers to Share Sales Data With External Collaborators in Real-Time

PipelineDeals Website : Learn More

Video : Get Sales Superpowers with SuperShare

For customers:

Knowledge Base article –  Set-Up Guide

Knowledge Base article – External User/Collaborator Guide

Freeze Header Rows

Improve List View performance with the ability to freeze the top row, ensuring clear and efficient scrolling. To enable, navigate to the add/remove columns button on each list view (companies, deals, and people) and check the box for “lock header row.” Scroll away!

Freeze up those header rows!

Overdue Dates in Red  

We’ve completed a simple yet much-requested text color upgrade. Overdue dates are now in red. For those of you who work out of any List (except for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Agenda), this is for you.

Overdue in red.

Features Coming Soon

Business card scanning  

We’re working on a mobile business card scanner so you can gather contacts while on-the-go.  Take a photo of a business card and all that good info will be synced to PipelineDeals. 

iPad support 

Soon, you can use your iPad to close more deals. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

We’re tightening down on security to better protect your account. Two pieces of evidence to get in. Coming ‘round the corner.

Product Highlights

User Teams

User Teams give you the power to organize reps into teams and customize visibility to pre- and post-sales data, so reps see exactly what they should and managers can effectively report.

Multiple Pipelines

When you need more than one pipeline for business, which has multiple products and services, Multiple Pipelines delivers.

Accurately track multiple sales workflows – including products and services – to boost productivity.

Five pipelines are available on our Grow plan; you can access two sales pipelines on the Develop plan and one pipeline on our Start plan. Upgrade today.

Deal Profile Page 

We’ve rolled out productivity boosting improvements to your Deal Profile page earlier this year. Work better with your Deal Intelligence fields, Activity Feed, People contact data, and more. 

Read the blog post or watch the Q&A Webinar here

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