Product Release Notes: July 2019

Learn about our latest feature releases and product improvements.

What’s New:

Deal Profile Page 

We’ve rolled out productivity boosting improvements to your Deal Profile page to all users this month. Work better with your Deal Intelligence fields, Activity Feed, People contact data, and more. 

Read the blog post or watch the Q&A Webinar here

Features Coming Soon:

More Power to Collaborate

We recognize a modern sales pipeline spans across companies and organizations. Feature name and reveal coming soon. 

Business card scanning  

We’re working on a mobile business card scanner so you can gather contacts while on-the-go.  Take a photo of a business card and all that good info will be synced to PipelineDeals. 

iPad support 

Soon, you can use your iPad to close more deals. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

We’re tightening down on security to better protect your account. Two pieces of evidence to get in.

Product Highlights:

User Teams

Teams give businesses the power to organize reps into teams and customize visibility to pre- and post-sales data, so reps see exactly what they should and managers can effectively report.

Multiple Pipelines

When you need more than one pipeline for business, which has multiple products and services, Multiple Pipelines delivers.

Accurately track multiple sales workflows — including products and services — to boost productivity.

Five pipelines are available on our Grow plan; you can access two sales pipelines on the Develop plan and one pipeline on our Start plan. Upgrade today.

Automations — Free Playbook Download

Take the manual effort out of data entry, and kick off automatic workflows and notifications, so you can spend more time closing deals. Download the playbook.

Try PipelineDeals today. Get started with a 14-day free trial by clicking here.

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