Product Release Notes: October 2019

Learn about our latest feature releases and product improvements.

What’s New

Multi-Factor Authentication 

We’re tightening down on security to better protect your account. Now, at least two forms of identification are required to get in. 

MFA is key to handling how you manage your software. Read our recent blog post: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication

Send emails out of the Agenda tab

Now you can send those emails straight out of the Agenda tab. Before you could only do so in the Deals and People tabs.

Who Created that List View?

Now you know. In the app, you can see who created a List View. This is great for User Teams, plus you can sort by what list(s) that person created.

Historical data view for Goals

See all that important history when you are in Goals.  

Product Highlights

Supercharge your Sales with SuperShare

With SuperShare, you can close deals faster and save time by collaborating directly inside PipelineDeals. Our team recently presented PipelineDeals and our new SuperShare feature at the Industrial Supply Association’s IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference.

What’s their use case? Independent manufacturing representatives (IMRs) can share data in real-time for easy, instant collaboration via messaging, comments and shared files. The manufacturers/suppliers/partners IMR’s work with don’t need to have the same sales software to work together. IMRs that have PipelineDeals are empowered to make that straightforward communication happen – easily – within PipelineDeals. 

We see SuperShare being used across an array of industries. If you need to share data externally — get rid of that messy email string and share straight from your sales pipeline platform.  

If you are on the Develop or Grow plans, it’s ready for you to use. Are you on Start and ready to upgrade to get SuperShare plus the many other benefits of an elite tier? Do so today.

More questions? Check out our latest learning webinar and blog post: How to Close Deals and Save Time with SuperShare. 

Mobile Business Card Scanner

We know they’re sitting in your desk drawer collecting dust.

Now you can ditch those stacks of business cards and turn them into useful business contacts synced right into PipelineDeals. With the new PipelineDeals Business Card Scanner, it is easier than ever to gather contacts while on-the-go.

With our new Mobile Business Card Scanner you can:

  • Go from business card to PipelineDeals Contact in just a few clicks 
  • Easily add multiple new contacts without leaving the app
  • Storing all those pics of business cards on your phone that last conference? No worries! You can create a new contact from a previously taken business card photo in our mobile app

PipelineDeals Integrations Webinars

Did you know you could boost your bottom line, be even more organized, save time, and money when you do move forward with this one feature: 


If you haven’t looked into integrations with PipelineDeals you may be missing out. Integrations connect and sync PipelineDeals with other productivity software you already use to keep your business running. When you sync critical data in the right place, the results are game changing.

Plus, it’s easy to do.

We’ve seen the revenue building results over and over again with our customers. We want you to sell smarter and faster and that’s why we have effective and proven integrations solutions we’d like to tell you about. 

Check out our recent integrations focused webinars below:

PipelineDeals Integrations Solutions 

What You Need to Know about Zapier

Need more awesome PipelineDeals product news? Check out last month’s Product Release Notes: September 2019 edition.

Hello from the PipelineDeals Product Team!

From left to right: Jeff, Laura, Michael, Kristi

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