Major Product Releases from 2016

Curious about the major product releases at PipelineDeals in 2016? Keep reading to learn more. 

By Erika Sommer, Content Writer at PipelineDeals

Here at PipelineDeals, our goal is to help businesses stay organized so they can grow their presence and close deals quickly. And what better way to do that than through our in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software? But even the best software needs some fine tuning from time to time.

At PipelineDeals we are constantly listening and responding to customer feedback, in order to make the most of our in-app experience. And 2016 was an integral year on the product development front. We saw major changes across product lines. From email updates, to organizational tools, to ways we can effectively manage data, we responded to what our customers asked for, and found ways to improve.

So, let’s dive in and look at the major product and feature releases that made way this past year.


On our email front, we made some significant changes.

Connect 2.0

One of our largest feature updates of 2016 was Connect 2.0, an email integration platform.  

Connect allows you to manage your personal email from the comfort of your PipelineDeals account.  Some highlights of the feature include:

  1. Monitoring the open and click through rate of your emails.   
  2. Ability to access email sent through PipelineDeals in your personal email folder.
  3. Speedy email delivery.
  4. Capacity to compare email campaigns using our new export feature.


As a feature of connect, we’ve developed a new What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) email formatting toolbar. This upgrade comes with new formatting tools, and allows you to easily send beautiful, and professional looking emails to large groups of your customer base.


A key component of our CRM is to help our users build, organize, and manage relationships with their prospects and customers. Here are some structural changes we developed in our app to help you better organize your sales pipeline.  

New Home Tab

The new PipelineDeals home tab is easily one of the most effective organizational tools in the app. What’s new with it? Well, the new home tab is set up to allow you to:

  1. Focus on Opportunity
  2. Track Dynamic Performance
  3. Take Strategic Action

Focus on Opportunity

The idea is to have your Pipeline dollars and deals front and center on your home page. You’ll be able to see your own pipeline, and, if you’re an admin, you can monitor your company or team members’ performance.

Track Dynamic Performance

The new home page also allows you to track your performance over time. It provides you with the statistics you need to track it monthly, quarterly, and even yearly.  

Take Strategic Action

Two major components of the new home tab are the “latest email interactions” and “Deals Slipping Away.”

The latest email interactions module allows you to track your most recent prospects’ email activity. It tells you when they open or click through an email or link, and prompts you to contact them immediately after the fact.

The Deals Slipping Away Tab displays deals that aren’t showing much activity, or are “slipping away.” So instead of losing these deals, they will be displayed front and center, so you can begin the re-nurturing process.

Google Apps Integration

At PipelineDeals we are long time users of Google Applications. From spreadsheets, to calendars, to email, we’ve spread our wings in terms of the Google features we use.

And this past year, we were able to develop a way to integrate Google apps suite with our CRM. The most popular features of the integration include Google contact sync, calendar sync, the connect box, and Google sheets.

Being able to sync your calendar with PipelineDeals will guarantee you never miss out on important client meetings, phone calls, demos, and deals. The integration can also help you track and manage important emails, and allows you to sync contacts into your app for your sales team to reach out to.

Custom Field Groups

Custom fields allow you to pick and choose the data you want displayed in your app. It allows you to only display the details you need to help move your sales process forward.

As for custom field groups, this allows you to organize your fields into groups. Maybe you want to organize them by different teams within your company? Or by sales process?

Whatever the case, custom field groups allow you to better organize your sales process, with the goal of making you and your team more efficient.

New Column Manager

Also under the custom fields umbrella, we redesigned our column manager. This allows you to filter out certain custom fields and groups you want to see in your list view. So, within the groups you create, you’ll be able to filter out which fields you want to appear.

For example, under your deals column, maybe you only want amount and deal name to show up. With the new column manager, this is a possibility.

Data Analysis

We know where the data will live in your PipelineDeals account. But how can we utilize the app to interpret the data? How can you gain key insights into it, and determine where you should be working, as well as focusing your time and energy? Well, we implemented a few different features this past year that will help with this process.

Here are some key features we rolled out.

Deal Intelligence Columns

If you have an accelerator plan, then you’ll have access to our new deal intelligence columns.


This will show you first activity, which lets you know the start time and date that you completed a task. This will help you keep track of future actions you need to take with a person or deal.

It will also show you hours to first activity, which displays how long it took to complete your first activity after a person or deal was added. This is a great feature for sales reps, who want a way to track how long it takes to follow up with various opportunities. And if you’re a sales manager, it’s a great way to monitor your reps track records with following up on leads.

Days since last activity is also an integral feature of the deal intelligence columns. Similar to the other two fields, this tells you how long it’s been since your last activity was added. It’s an easy way to track and monitor deals with stagnant activity in your account, and follow up on them.

The final component to the newly designed deal intelligence columns is the days in stage module. Similar to the days since last activity field, the days in stage field can also tell you a lot about how well your sales reps are performing and keeping deals active. Maybe the deal is of high value to you but it’s stalling? This is a feature you can utilize to help speed up the process.

Morning Coffee Report

This year we revamped the morning coffee report. It’s not just an activity summary of your account sent to your inbox anymore. Instead, it will provide you with an outline of the day’s agenda. You can ask yourself questions such as: What’s scheduled today? Which deals should I follow up with first today? And which leads should I focus on first?


Starred Lists

Arguably the most important component of the new morning coffee report is starred lists. You can put your starred and favorited lists on the homepage of your account, and they will also show up in your morning coffee report. For example, you can star your top priorities, deals that need to close, and your most important to-do items of the week.

With starred lists, you won’t lose track of the most important leads or deals in your pipeline, and as an added bonus—they’ll get sent to your inbox as a reminder each morning.

File Tags

PipelineDeals allows you to store all sorts of important data in your CRM. Whether it’s emails between a deal, customer invoices, or other important documentation, it can be hosted within our CRM. And with our new file tags, you’ll be able to label, organize, and filter your files in the app.

After you upload a file, make sure to add a file tag, and from there, you’ll be able to filter your files for a more concise and organized list view.

Having an organized document management system within your CRM is key for cross collaboration within your team, and across your company.

So, as you can see, there has been quite a bit of changes to our product this past year. Whether it be email, organization, or data tracking and analyzing, there have been no shortage of updates!

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