Why PipelineDeals and Project Management Software Go Hand in Hand

PipelineDeals is the perfect CRM tool to integrate with PM software. PM software has different goals, so requires a separate tool, like Zapier.

By Alex Brown, Marketing Manager at ProjectManager.com

There are a variety of important differences between a powerful CRM tool, like PipelineDeals, and a project management software. Many small businesses struggle to decide what combination of these software types to utilize. Some decide to stick with just one type and use it for cross-over work while others may choose an all-in-one tool. However, the best option is to separate your CRM tool from your project management software.

This separation is important because of the different goals a CRM and project management software are designed to achieve. CRM software is built to manage sales leads, customer data, sales deals, and contact information. In essence, it is primarily meant to manage external communication with customers.

Project management software is designed to make company goals more efficient and organized. Budget tracking tools, Gantt charts, timelines for projects, and personnel-specific goals are all easily organized and tracked in a project management tool.

This separation between internal and external tracking is essential to improve efficiency and manage internal and external data without confusion.

You may be asking, “But what if I want to see some of what we are doing in our CRM tool within our project management software and vice versa?” This is where the usefulness of integrating your two tools comes in handy.

Through PipelineDeals integration with Zapier, a tool that lets you integrate with hundreds of other apps, you can combine  PipelineDeals with a powerful project management tool like ProjectManager.com.

ProjectManager.com is an online project management platform that allows your team to manage, track, report, and monitor your projects in real-time. It provides tools that let you create and share customizable online plans, see real-time dashboards, receive email updates, and access project reports easily.

So if you want to add a project management software and are utilizing PipelineDeals, then ProjectManager.com is a great tool to add and integrate via Zapier.

Integrating the two services through Zapier is a rather simple task. All you need is the following:

  1. PipelineDeals account

  2. ProjectManager.com account

  3. Zapier account

If you would like to create an integration, simply go to “Make A Zap!” and connect your two accounts to create dozens of integrations between the two apps.

Once you have created the integration, it will appear on your Zapier Dashboard like the example that appears below.

There are many other great platforms that you can integrate with PipelineDeals as well. Go explore what possibilities are available in the Zapier app explorer.

Alex Brown is the Marketing Manager at ProjectManager.com. He and others share content on project management, leadership, and team building on the ProjectManager.com Blog.

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