PipelineDeals Pro Tip: Default Filters

Your sales universe is unique. Shouldn’t the data you look at day to day be specific to you? We created the default filter feature so that you can arrange PipelineDeals lists to fit your sales process. When you have a default filter set, your columns in the list view will load your preferred view automatically even if you logout of the app. You can set a default filter on the People, Deals, Companies, or Agenda tab, and the list view will always display the columns of data that you choose.

To setup a default filter:

1 – On the list view, click on the Advanced button.

 Manage filters under the view list

2 – Rearrange your columns and add or remove columns.

 Customize your views to get the data you need. 

3 – Save your filter. Click the star next to your filter name to set it as the default filter.

 Save your filter to return to it later. 

You can setup a default filter for any list view in PipelineDeals. Setting this filter is a great way to stay organized and optimize your time. We recommend that you setup a default filter for the areas of the app that you use the most. Some popular examples include:

  • On the agenda tab, setup a default filter with your upcoming tasks and events for the week. The default filter will remember your settings and can display all your tasks for the week and past due items automatically.

  • On the people tab, optimize your view to display leads or contacts you want to take action with that day.

  • On the deals tab, create a filter to only display deals in your active stage so that you focus on active deals in your pipeline.

These are a few of the many helpful default filters you can create in PipelineDeals. If you have any issues creating and setting up a default filter, feel free to contact us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com or call us at 866-702-7303.

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