PipelineDeals Pro Tip: BCC Email Tracking

For complex sales environments, you need to have the best business intelligence available. This includes a record of every customer interaction in one convenient location you can easily access. With PipelineDeals activities, it’s easy to track every customer interaction, such as email, phone calls, and meetings, in one place.

PipelineDeals Pros use our email tracking features to automatically track email correspondence into PipelineDeals.  

Click to Track Email Feature Makes Email Tracking Simple

The best way to track email in PipelineDeals is with our BCC tracking feature. When you’re in the app, click on a contact’s email address to write a message. Your email software will open a “Compose Message” window and copy the email address you clicked directly into the TO field. In the BCC field, we will also include the address cc@pipelinedeals.com. This address lets us track the email you write directly into PipelineDeals!

Follow this simple process to track emails:

1 – Click on your contact’s email address

 Email clients directly through the PipelineDeals CRM. 

2 – Write your message as normal and include any attachments

 Write your email as normal and then BCC PipelineDeals to log the email in your CRM. 

3- Click send. We’ll track the message automatically! No need to copy and paste the message into PipelineDeals to record.

 A simple method to including email communication in your CRM. 

Looks Simple! What If I Have Trouble Using This Feature?

The BCC feature is incredibly simple to use but there are three common questions that people have when using the feature.

1 – I click on an email address but a different email program opens up.

When you click on an email address in PipelineDeals, your Internet Browser will try to open your computer’s default email software. If your preferred email address doesn’t open up then you will need to make a change to your browser’s default email address. The details for changing your default email address vary, but we’ve compiled a list of resources here to help you make the change.

2 – I compose a message and cc@pipelinedeals.com is in the BCC field, but the message doesn’t get tracked. What went wrong?

  • Make sure that you’re sending email from the email address that is setup with your PipelineDeals account. For example, if the address you use with PipelineDeals is pmanning@broncos.org, but you’re trying to track messages sent from peyton.manning@gmail.com, your messages won’t get tracked into PipelineDeals.

  • Often times, when customers are trying the BCC feature for the first time, they’ll try to track a message they send to a colleague. However, you cannot track messages that you send to other team members who use PipelineDeals. If you need to test out this feature, try picking a different email address than one being used by your team member.

3 – I’m not working in PipelineDeals all the time, but I want to track emails that I’m sending. How do I do that?

You don’t have to click on an email address in PipelineDeals to take advantage of our tracking feature. If you’re writing emails outside of PipelineDeals and you want to track the message, simply include cc@pipelinedeals.com in the BCC field when you send the email.

Do you have any other email tracking features?

We do! Check out this article about two lead tracking features for PipelineDeals, and watch this video that explains in more detail how PipelineDeals works with your email.

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