PipelineDeals Pro Tip: Email Aliases

Do you have multiple email addresses? If you’re like us, you probably have multiple email addresses, or aliases, for your different roles online. With PipelineDeals, you can add additional email addresses into the app so that you can track emails from multiple accounts. 

To add a second or third email alias onto your profile:

1 – Click on the Gear Icon and select My Profile.

 Access your email setting under the gear icon in PipelineDeals. 

2 – Select the option for Email Addresses.

 Configure your CRM email settings in PipelineDeals. 

3 – Enter your second or third email addresses.

 Add your email aliases to PipelineDeals. 

Adding additional aliases is a great for tracking email into PipelineDeals with different email addresses. Forward messages from an email alias and BCC cc@pipelinedeals.com to track messages sent from an alternate email address into PipelineDeals. You can also use your email alias to forward messages to the inbox@pipelinedeals.com. For additional information on email tracking in PipelineDeals, read this helpful article.

If you have any issues setting up email aliases or have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com or call us at 866-702-7303.

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