Seamlessly Connect Your Team With Updated QuickBooks Integration

PipelineDeals announces the release of an updated integration with QuickBooks Online. Find out more about our enhanced integration.

 PipelineDeals now integrates with QuickBooks

PipelineDeals is built to help your business start, develop and grow your customer relationships. Last month we released an integration with QuickBooks Online to help streamline the handoff of closed deals, and we’re excited to announce updates to our integration. With PipelineDeals and QuickBooks Online, you will improve communication across your business, remove duplication of effort, and make sales forecasts an integral part of your company’s process.

The recent updates to the integration are designed to help with the creation of new QuickBooks customers and keeping track of new invoices.

Leverage PipelineDeals & Avoid Duplication

A common point of friction and duplication of effort for most teams is the creation of a new customer in your accounting software. With our recent update to the QuickBooks Online integration, your bookkeepers and accountants will never have to worry about missing accurate customer information.

 Create a QuickBooks invoice in PipelineDeals

When you create a new QuickBooks invoice from PipelineDeals, you now have the option to create a new QuickBooks customer using data from your PipelineDeals account. To create a new QuickBooks customer, search for you QuickBooks customer name on the “add invoice” interface and select the option to create a new QuickBooks customer. If the business or person to be invoiced is already in your QuickBooks Online account, you can select that person from the “add invoice” interface as well.

Create New Activity When You Add An Invoice

The creation of a new invoice is an important activity to track in your CRM. When you create a new invoice in PipelineDeals, an activity will now be created on the deal and company record. The activity includes a link to the invoice in QuickBooks, the invoice number, and a name for the  invoiced customer. To access the invoice record, click on the link to navigate directly to the invoice in QuickBooks Online (note – in order to access the invoice record you will need to have your QuickBooks Online credentials).

Interested in integrating PipelineDeals with QuickBooks Online?

To integrate your PipelineDeals account with QuickBooks Online, visit PipelineDeals profile page and choose the option to “Get App Now.”

If you’re not currently a PipelineDeals customer, you can start your free 14 day trial and let PipelineDeals help you start, develop and grow your client relationships.

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