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Reno Renovations outgrew Excel spreadsheets and brought PipelineDeals on board.

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We believe that success is found at the crossroads of business growth and operational excellence. At Reno Renovations, we’re pleased to find that PipelineDeals found it’s sweet spot and his helping to power their success. Reno Renovations offers preservation, rehab and general construction services across the greater Chicago area. After outgrowing Excel spreadsheets, Reno Renovations brought PipelineDeals on board to manage their deals flow and keeping complicated project requirements straight.

 Get the Reno Renovations case study here. 

With sustained growth for several consecutive years, Reno Renovation found themselves needing to keep more projects and more people organized than ever before. The challenge was in keeping multiple teams on the same page from sales to the actual project crews. For Julian Shuttleworth, Office Manager at Reno Renovations, managing these multiple priorities was a challenge that PipelineDeals was able to meet. With PipelineDeals, they’re now able to organize their work flow in a way that makes sense to the specifics of their business while delivering top-shelf customer service and pursuing every opportunity.

“It was really crazy. Sometimes we’d accidentally delete things or put them in the wrong field. We couldn’t run reports. Finally, a new employee did some research and found PipelineDeals. It has made my life so much easier, and clients feel like we’re really on top of things.”

From the sales team to the project managers, critical information is available when and where it’s needed most. Decision makers across the company now have one place to go to access information and make decisions, and help the company grow.

 Get the Reno Renovations case study here. 

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