10 Hits From Sales Hacker Leaders

 Sales Hacker Conference 
Sales Hacker Conference 

Sales Hacker Conference brings together top sales leaders to share strategies and insights on how to grow your business quickly and sustainability. We live-blogged for Sales Hacker Conference in Boston this past week, and we’re very excited to share the wonderful sales hacks, hiring tips, and management strategies we learned.

Below are excerpts of and links to blog posts from last weeks talks. Additionally, we’ve organized each post into three broad areas.

  1. Sales hacks to grow your sales pipeline
  2. Tips on hiring sales teams
  3. Qualities of successful sales leaders

If you’re interested in learning more about Sales Hacker Conference, check out their website. Sales Hacker Conference will host its next all-day conference in San Francisco on November 6th.

Sales Hacks to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

  • Your Customers Are Your Best Sales Channel by Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Sales at Influitive – Influitive are experts at seeking referrals from their customers and consider referrals to be a part of their sales process. Emmanuelle shares details about “surround selling” and referral hacks your team can implement tomorrow.
  • Prospecting & Understanding the Outbound Index by Peter Gracey, Founder and CEO of Quota Factory – the Outbound Index was developed to help outbound sales teams assess their success rate at discovering, qualifying, and adding new leads to a sales pipeline. Peter discusses how the Outbound Index can be used to diagnose and fix issues with your outbound sales.
  • How Datanyze Bootstrapped to $1M ARR with Just 1 Engineer and 4 Salespeople by Ilya Semin, Founder and CEO of Datanyze – Ilya comes from an engineering background and did not have prior experience with sales. He shares the top hacks and strategies he’s learned bootstrapping his startup.
  • Getting Around Gatekeepers: The Key to Unlocking the Mystery by Jeff Hoffman, Founder and CEO of MJ Hoffman & Associates – Whether you are dealing with gatekeepers by design, or gatekeepers who have “volunteered” for the role, learn how to work with gatekeepers to find success.

Tips On Hiring Sales Teams

  • Hubspot’s Science to Building a Scalable Sales Team by Mark Roberge, CRO of Hubspot – Mark has grown the sales team at Hubspot from one salesperson to hundreds of specialized sales staff. Mark is an expert at hiring great salespeople, and he shares his strategies for building your sales staff from the ground up.
  • Everything You Need to Know to Master Sales Development by Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft – Salesloft takes a unique strategy with Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and prioritizes their development. From hiring, to training & onboarding, and compensation, Kyle discusses how he’s bootstrapped his business to $3 million ARR this year alone.
  • How ToutApp Grows High Performing Reps From Scratch by Tawheed Kader, Founder and CEO of ToutApp – ToutApp specializes in growing its’ sales reps skills and often hires people with no sales experience. Tawheed talks about what he looks for when hiring a salesperson at ToutApp, and how you can identify salespeople that will fit your unique company culture.
  • All’s Fair in Love & Sales: How to Hack the Sales and Marketing Relationship by Cece Bazar and Blake Harris, Sales & Growth Strategists at OpenView Venture Partners – Sales and Marketing can sometimes have a contentious relationship. Learn how to keep a strong relationship between your sales and marketing with these helpful hacks.

Qualities of Successful Sales Leaders

  • Top 10 Qualities of Great Sales Managers by Matt Bellows, Founder and CEO at YeswareMatt was recently profiled in the New York Times about his struggles serving as Yesware’s CEO and sales leader. Matt describes the 10 qualities he looked for when searching for a sales manager. 
  • What Sales Teams Must Focus On to Scale to Nine Figures by Mike McGuiness, SVP of Global Sales at SmartBear – Mike scales businesses that sell products to enterprise level customers. Mike spoke about the qualities and conditions necessary for your sales team to grow to nine figures in annual sales.

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