Salesforce Essentials: Is it Really for Small Business?

Salesforce Essentials: Is it Really for Small Business?

There are certain CRMs that are truly built for small and midsize businesses. We take a deeper dive into what makes a CRM fit for an SMB. 

There are certain CRMs that are truly built for small and midsize businesses. We take a deeper dive into what makes a CRM fit for an SMB and if Salesforce Essentials really fits the bill.

Salesforce Essentials: An SMB CRM?

Companies like Salesforce and Microsoft know what it’s like to work with enterprise clients. They are used to catering to big companies that have much different needs from small and midsize businesses.

Let’s look at what small businesses face. For them, migrating from Excel spreadsheets can be an uphill battle as well as convincing 10 members of a sales team to adopt a CRM system for the first time.  Add in budget limitations and time constraints and the thought of investing in a CRM seems like a daunting project. These are understandable concerns that easily keep any small business owner up at night.  That’s because at the same time, small business owners know the importance of keeping up with the pace of change. They know they need a CRM tool to remain competitive.

CRM – Small Business Friendly

What the SMB faces is a whole different ballgame than what an enterprise company faces. At large companies, endless budgets allow for complex reporting, tons of features, extensive training and the bandwidth to make mistakes along the way.

It’s two different worlds, and it’s not about one way being better than the other.  It’s about choosing a CRM that is small business friendly. It’s also about choosing a company that understands exactly what your needs are. The company you partner with is a big decision. According to a recent Information Age article, having the right CRM solution increases revenue by more than 40 percent.

Salesforce Essentials and Pipeline Deals

Recently, Salesforce announced a new release of Salesforce Essentials, their CRM platform which launched late last year, created to bring in small businesses into their client base.  Their announcement says that it limits, if not eliminates, a need for extra training to learn how to use the CRM. Training is done through a system of self-guided tutorials.

Does Salesforce Essentials limit or eliminate training? Are the self-guided tutorials enough?  These are significant questions for any small businesses seeking to invest in any CRM for the first time.  Unlike big companies, there’s no room to make big mistakes.

Built by salespeople, PipelineDeals is a CRM that is actually adopted – and loved – by small and midsize businesses. It has been that way from the beginning. The features we’ve included in building PipelineDeals are the exact reasons why we have such a loyal and dedicated SMB fan base.

How to Choose an SMB Friendly CRM

When choosing any CRM, consider our five favorite considerations for CRM adoption at small or midsize companies.

5 Reasons: Choose Your CRM

Is the CRM Easy to Use? 

What’s the point of investing time and money in anything if you won’t use it?  CRM adoption rates are a legitimate concern because there are CRMs out there that are simply hard to use.  Consider CRMs that are known for their ease of use and built in a way that sales teams would use them. Customizable features should help sales teams do their jobs better. You shouldn’t need to hire a whole new team or maintenance and on-going support just to run your CRM. What small business has time and money for that endeavor?

Customer Service – U.S. Based and Ready

PipelineDeals is known for being so easy to use that not much training is needed as all.  It’s really like using a simple app. However, we do understand that when using any type of new technology for the first time there should be a human on the other line to help you get to know the system.  That’s why we offer free onboarding services, webinars and customer service.  Our trained customer service representatives are U.S. based (in Seattle or Philadelphia), and they are ready to answer an unlimited number of questions in real time.

SMB CRM Price Point

Small and midsize businesses have different budgets from big companies.  A free trial is a great way to get to know the system. Ensure that your offer includes the services and features you need without the complications and add-ons (and extra costs) you don’t need.


Before anyone had a smartphone in their hands at all times, having a mobile CRM was a “nice-but-not-necessary” feature. Today, to be competitive means to be mobile. Sales people are constantly on the move and having a CRM on a mobile device is necessary to save time, save costs, to help close deals while building relationships on the go.

Smart Features  

Just because a CRM is built for small business doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be chock full of features that foster game changing business relationships. Look out for smart features that are intuitive and geared toward sales driven activities. Are those features perfect for your reporting and analytics needs?  Are they scalable?

The SMB Friendly CRM

Salesforce Essentials or Pipeline Deals

When thinking about a perfect CRM solution for your small or midsize business, think closely about what that CRM company itself is dedicated to, what they specialize in and what businesses they typically deal with.  In the end, it’s about finding solutions that work with your needs, working with people who understand your needs and getting the most out of the best SaaS technology that is set to grow your business in new and exciting ways.

Are you a small business? What features are important when using your CRM?


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