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Salesforce vs. PipelineDeals: G2 Crowd Reviews

If you want to compare PipelineDeals vs. Salesforce, check out the latest G2 Crowd report. Our great reviews stem from being the most adoptable CRM in the market.

Salesforce vs. PipelineDeals: Reviews That Matter

The market is saturated with customer relationship management (CRM) options. Software review sites like G2 Crowd help level the playing field. Businesses can understand which companies best cater to their needs. After all, every business is unique.

See which CRM is better for you. Salesforce vs. PipelineDeals in a G2C Crowd report.
PipelineDeals is honored as G2 Crowd High Performer in 2018.

PipelineDeals is a High Performer on G2 Crowd which is one of the world’s leading business software review platforms. The G2 Grid measures dozens of CRM providers on their market leadership. It also considers user satisfaction as measured by real reviews.

We’re proud to solve our clients pain points with:

83% adoption rate

90% ease-of-admin rate

90% ease-of-use rate

Salesforce vs. PipelineDeals:  Key Takeaways

For several years now, PipelineDeals has been a leader in G2 Crowd rankings. This has placed us ahead of such players like Salesforce in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

Here’s what it comes down to:

  • Too many CRMs today are chock full of clunky features which makes platforms difficult to use.

PipelineDeals is easy to use with the functionality and the customization that SMBs need and seek out. The reviews prove that. We remain the most adoptable CRM in the market.

Reviews About Top CRMs

Here’s what clients like the best about PipelineDeals vs Salesforce. Do these comments match what you’re looking for in a CRM?

“I’ve been using PipelineDeals for a few years now, and I find it to be one of the simplest CRM systems to use that is on the market today.”

“This program has really helped our company prioritize our sales efforts and keep track of the relationships we have with our customers. I can’t say enough good things about this program.”

“I had all types of people using the software from older people who are not computer savvy to the younger generations who are only on mobile and cloud type systems. All were able to use the CRM easily and with minimal training. Really, it is just a great system.”

“I like that you can customize just about everything. I like that I’m able to see all if people have read your emails or not. You can see how many times the client opened an email. I also like that I can keep all of my sales templates on the connect side of the portal. Having my email connected to the software makes the program much more effective.”

“I was introduced to PipelineDeals recently in my new job. They have been using it since forever! At first, I thought It was going to be hard to handle all features. After 2 months, I think is one of the best software tools out there. I love how easy is to manage the status of the deals and how you can saved the contact information and assigned to the specific deals.”

Download the G2 Crowd report about PipelineDeals, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Are you considering a CRM to improve your sales process and boost revenue? We’ll give you the full report to help you along with your research.

For a free download to the G2 Crowd research report results which compares Salesforce vs. PipelineDeals vs. Microsoft Dynamics, visit:  www.pipelinedeals.com/g2crowd

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